Loop is an audacious and mesmerising journey through time. Written and directed by Alexander Knott, the play follows the exploits of three generations of the same family, as they traverse the distance between London and Manchester and cope with the same issues of growing up, falling in (and out of) love, and seeing the differences and similarities with one’s parents. In the background is a preoccupation with the role which music plays in our lives. Time is not so much a circle as a soundtrack on repeat.

The performances are superb and make excellent use of the intimate venue to utilise the audience’s imagination. Lucy Annable gives an engaging performance as ‘The Woman’ whose journey out of her mother’s home kick-starts the narrative, while Aaron Price (‘The Boy’) and James Demaine (‘The Young Man’) inject their performances with sympathy and energy to make them compelling. Emily Costello (‘The Girl) is a captivating storyteller, making a character who could have been unlikable deeply funny and endearing. Zoe Grain’s movement direction deserves great praise, too; the physicality of the performances and the interaction between the actors perfectly complements the story. There was also excellent use of lighting and, of course, music, with each generation’s musical tastes at the forefront of the narrative experience. With a runtime of 75 minutes, you will be engaged from beginning to end.

In sum, Loop is an engaging, exciting play which will make you laugh, feel sympathy and recognise your own story in the story of one family’s journey through musical history.

Reviewer: Amanda Hodgson

Reviewed: 8th May 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★★★