The 1970s was the age of Glam Rock, and a band which thrived with hit after hit during this period was the extravagant Electric Light Orchestra and if you weren't lucky enough to get tickets to see the real thing at the arena a few months back, or didn't want to pay triple figures for the privilege, fear not because I may have just found the solution, at the Stockport Plaza.

'ELO Again' is a tribute band with a difference, currently touring the U.K. as part of their out of the blue tour to celebrate 40 years of the iconic album, they are as close to real thing you can find.

Helmed by lead vocalist; Colin Smith who embodies the star presence and attitude of Jeff Lynnes or any lead in a rock band, not surprising since he's previously worked with the likes of Suzi Quattro, Hot Chocolate and Boney M to name just a few, Mike McGibney and Ruth Alice Potts join him on Vocals with Potts also playing the signature blue violin and shocking the audience with such beautiful vocals, Sion Dawson on cello brings big energy with him constantly jumping off platforms with his instrument in hand, so much do you loose track of where he is, Pete Burrows and Andy Smith are in charge of the keys and providing the percussion on those big energy ELO hits is Matt Weston.

ELO Again takes you through the very best bits of the Electric Light Orchestra's back catalogue belting out hit after hit.

Opening the show, fairly early on in the set was the classic LIVIN' THING, you immediately knew it was going to be a high energy, fun filled set which was soon monopolised by the Stockport crowd who were up on their feet dancing to the classics in the wings, they continued with the hits playing 'All Around the World' and 'Horace Wimp' in the first half while the second half had fan favourites 'Turn to Stone' and 'Xanadu' which kept the audience on their feet . A lot of the time, tribute bands can be lacklustre in their delivery but ELO Again is in another league, providing a high energy show which is worthy of the iconic records.

The show finished with 'Don't Bring me down' and 'Roll Over Beethoven' which was a great experience as it brought so much joy to the audience, it was just one big party - and that's exactly what I look for when booking tickets to a tribute show.

Verdict: An ELO experience like no other!

Reviewer: Max Eden

Reviewed: 22nd September 2017

North West End Rating: ★★★★

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