Let’s start with the set – simple but stunning and just what is needed for a touring company. Not too much but enough to make the impact its designer desired. It was dark but colourful and just right for the story ahead.

Let’s talk a little about Steve Steinman, an extremely talented guy. He wrote, produced, directed and starred in this musical with a difference. It had the darkness of the vampire world mixed with a little adult humour and sometimes entered the pantomime genre encouraged by a very enthusiastic audience.  Steve handled the occasional ‘shout outs’ from the audience well and was able to have enough banter with them, to which they responded whilst never really taking away from the show itself.  His voice is amazing and he performed a very difficult playlist with the greatest of ease. 

The show had a very small cast and it seems Steve knows how to pick them well.  Joining him on stage dancer/vocalists Victoria Jenkins, Trixi Bold and Hayley Russell – all 3 extremely capable of the wonderful and sexy choreography given to them.  Russell then took on the role of Roxy Honey-Box, the victim of Steinman’s character Baron Von Rockula, and sang very well. I especially enjoyed her performance of “Holding Out For a Hero”. 

The performance that stood out for me though, was that of Bosley the janitor played exceptionally well by John Evans and without giving too much away – what a voice... Oh my word, I was completely blown away by his talent.  His energy and performance was just outstanding.  This guy was just phenomenal.

The band was superb and played the heavy rock songs with power, passion and flair.  Henry Bird who played the guitar also sang some of the harmonies and performed the great AC/DC number “Shoot to Thrill” which he did very well.

Sound and lighting had no issues tonight at all, which I suppose when you are touring around and possibly using different equipment, isn’t always an easy achievement especially if you only have that 1 chance, 1 performance to make your mark....  The only thing I would change if I could but maybe there was a valid reason for it, was the hand microphones – for me, very distracting.  Don’t understand why body microphones could not be used. I know it would make ‘performing’ more comfy too, But other than that well done to the tech team.

Costumes were great – men looked suitably masculine and leather clad with hats and scarves hanging and the ladies, who also wore leather, just a lot less (ha ha) also looked very good indeed.  Extremely simple but effective costuming.

One thing you can do, with a show like this, is go to town on make-up which is always fun.  I recall a show I did about 5 years ago and it was great to make yourself up with the white face, dark eyes and bright red lips.  Not entirely sure whether they have a make-up team or they do it themselves but they looked fab...  Very effective.

This was an enjoyable night at the theatre and if you enjoy the fantasy world of vampires or just the music of the big rock bands, then this is for you and I would definitely recommend it... It is a feel-good feeling from start to finish – you want to be up on your feet all the time so when invited, as an audience to get up at the end for the last few numbers, I was happy to do so.

The highlight was meeting them in the foyer afterwards – a lovely bunch of people...  I really enjoyed my night. A fang-tastic spook-tacular!

Thank you for your hospitality

Reviewer: Hazel Bumby
Reviewed: 12th January, 2018
North West End Rating:

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