Nearly every theatre in the North West holds a certain fond memory but one theatre will always be close to my heart; the theatre of the peaks; Buxton Opera House.

The recent World Theatre Day really brought into focus the old adage you don’t really miss something until it has gone, and that is certainly true as our theatres are closed down.

“My favourite theatre space in the UK, I hope and pray that it survives the financial impact of this current crisis”

During the dark days as our theatres have closed their doors whilst the devastating effects of the Corona virus has on our world of culture, North West End have decided to write about our favourite theatre spaces, their history, productions and why it’s our top choice.

Even before I became a reviewer, some eighteen months ago, I was a regular theatre goer. I know some people think theatre is for luvvies, lushes and darlings; while others think it’s for West End Spectacles. For me, theatre is about taking the pulse of the current culture: The zeitgeist. And seeing life through other eyes.

Hey folks, welcome back to my Porno Chic blog as we get closer to the opening of this all new production of my play. We are deep in rehearsals and everything is going great and the cast are truly incredible. This week however I wanted to discuss something that has been on my mind for the past few months, bringing this play back in the current climate of Me Too movement etc, so here we go, let’s get serious, let’s get in to it.

Hey readers, this is Craig here at Vertigo Theatre Productions back with blog 4 about the return of my hit play Porno Chic this Sept 6th - 8th at The Footlights Theatre, Salford Quays.

Hey readers, Craig Hepworth here again, back with part 3 of my blog about putting together the brand-new production of my hit play Porno Chic that returns this Sept 6th to the 8th at Footlights Theatre, Salford Quays before booking dates around the UK for a full tour. Last time I handed over the blog to one of my favourite people Celine Constantinides who plays the tragic porn icon Linda Lovelace to perfection. This week I’m handing it over to my other favourite person Richard Allen who leads the play as porn star Harry Reems.

Hey readers, this is Craig Hepworth here, the writer and director of the play Porno Chic that returns to Salford this Sept at The Footlights Theatre. This week on my blog I am handing over to one of my favourite people in the world, Celine Constantinides. Celine brilliantly plays the role of the real life 70s porn icon Linda Lovelace, a tough role for any actress, but her talent, spirit and heart earned Celine rave reviews. This week Celine talks about playing the face of the US sexual revolution. Over to Celine

Hi readers of North West End, my name is Craig Hepworth and I’m the co-owner of Vertigo Theatre Productions in Manchester as well as a writer and director. For the next 8 weeks myself and various cast members and designers from my award-winning play Porno Chic will be doing blogs filling you in on what it takes to put a show like this together, acting in a show like this and designing a show like this.