It was a pleasure to be back reviewing the talented Pilkington’s Musical Theatre Company tonight as they debuted their latest production ‘9 to 5’. This musical is based on the hit movie of the same name which was released in 1980 and famously starred Dolly Parton and her much loved music.

Prince Hamlet (Laura Harris), with companion Horatio (Abey Bradbury) in tow, has been summoned home to Denmark to attend his father’s funeral. A ghost (David Harris) appears claiming to be the spirit of Hamlet’s father, the former king, and accuses Hamlet’s uncle, Claudius (Robbie James Williamson) – who has since married Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude (Anne Crowther) and assumed the throne – of his murder and tasks Hamlet with enacting his revenge.

Encore Productions present ‘Footloose’ at the Brindley Theatre Runcorn which is a fun, lively musical filled with love, country wholesomeness and of course rock and roll making it likeable and appealing in every way.

The story follows a young school boy, Ren McCormack (Jake Hankey) as he faces a culture shock following his move from Chicago city to the small farming town of Bomont. Ren is full of life and loves to dance which causes a stir in his new town where dancing is against the law ordered by the local preacher. Ren gets into lots of trouble as he struggles to fit in and begins to make a bad name for himself.

Based on the 1997 Fox Searchlight Pictures motion picture, Simon Beaufoy’s Award Winning ‘The Full Monty’ opened to a packed house at the Storyhouse, Chester.

The story follows a group of guys who are out of work since the local steel factory has shut down and are all struggling with their own issues. Unemployment, poverty, depression, body image and homosexuality. Six very different guys who are brought together out of desperation for money or to feel they belong.

Prior to this evening I’m mildly embarrassed to say that my knowledge of Brian Blessed and his career was somewhat limited. I knew he was an actor and I knew he was ‘the one with the booming voice’ – but other than that I’d be hard pushed to speak in further detail about any of his achievements.

Have you ever been to a show and known absolutely nothing about it? Not what it was about, none of the songs, not even the name of the show? Well, that’s what an evening watching ‘Showstopper!’ is! Blind faith and a love of Musical Theatre!

Although I am familiar with the name ‘Little Women’ as being a famed piece of historic literature, tonight was the first time I have had the opportunity to see this well-known storyline come to life. Centenary Theatre Company have set themselves a challenge with this difficult piece of drama, only to prove, once again that their talent knows no limits when it comes to producing quality amateur theatre.

Barnum the Musical has had a recent revival, mainly due the huge success of the modern day make-over film, “The Greatest Showman”. CODYS Productions have produced a sensational production of the musical this week, and it is great to see this gem of a show brought back to the stage.

Telling the real story of PT Barnum’s extraordinary life prior to joining the circus, the musical gives everyone the foundation for great performances. The show is visually stunning, the wonderfully colourful set looks great with the wide variety of colourful costumes, and imaginative lighting. Congratulations to the production team, led by Nick Cupit for setting the scene beautifully for the audience.

Being a massive fan of this musical and having seen it many times before, I knew what to expect when going to St Helens Theatre Royal tonight to welcome another serving of ‘Blood Brothers’. However, what I had forgotten was that even when you know what’s going to happen and there are no surprises, this show is so emotive that it will feel like you are seeing it for the very first time again.

The very famous storyline of the Johnston twins who were separated at birth and brought up in polar opposite environments is just as fascinating as when it was first written. It brings forward modern day themes of social class, morals and mental health within a historic story that stands the test of time 30 years later.

Who better to tell your story, than someone you never met, but is from the same country and is as widely known round the globe as you are? Of course Che Guevara is the right person to tell us the story of Eva Peron, someone he never actually met. But arguably two of the most famous Argentineans in History, especially in the Musical Theatre World, thanks to Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

St Helens is renowned for a few things, St Helens RLFC, Glass and….Johnny Vegas!

In a celebration of St Helens’ 150th year what better venue hold this performance about the glassmaking industry than The Citadel Arts Centre, which is steeped in St Helens history and culture as the original ‘Theatre Royal’. Meandering through time with several incarnations as a Salvation Army Citadel (the clues in its name!), and during the recent years has established itself at the heart of the town’s creative and cultural centre, where the town’s favourite son, Johnny, honed his skills as an up and coming stand-up comedian.