Where to start when you’ve just seen a piece of theatre that truly exceeded all expectations? But wasn’t it just a musical about a bunch of kids in Bristol who have nothing worth striving for in their lives, so end up making a playground together? Well as a basis, yes, that’s what it was, but really Junkyard was so much more than that, a new musical which needs to be seen by the masses.

How refreshing to watch a piece of theatre that is set in one place and in real time. Skylight is a story about love, frustration, guilt and a class divide.


From the offset this play looked to be interesting with a very clever set. It is set in an apartment which is open plan so almost fully on display but this apartment is surrounded by many bricks, some lit inside to give the effect of other apartments in the vicinity. Parts of this set were not just props but fully functioning items such as a kettle, a cooker and the sink with running water. The set looked almost futuristic in its surrounding but you were transported into what looked like a 1980s bedsit in the centre.

It's exactly 124 years and 1 day since The Nutcracker first had its premiere at the Mariinsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg and now after all this time; it's still a family favourite, it's come to us in many different guises over the years from Barbie to Ballet and everything in between and tonight it's that in between that I'm going to see, moving away from the conventional, the been there done that for 124 years, tonight at Clwyd Theatre in Mold, it took a very different, very exciting form.

The 20th anniversary production of RENT had their first press night of the tour at the stunning Theatr Clwyd this evening with the packed audience leaping to their feet at the conclusion of this emotional roller coaster of a show.