An original, creative, and dazzling musical, composed and directed by the talented Stephen Hyde, who plays himself as the passionate composer. The musical tells the story of Stephen and his girlfriend, Amelia Gabriel, as they fight over the remote to watch their favourite show; Stephen's being the Marriage of Figaro and Amelia's Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The stage is set with the couple sat on their sofa watching TV, with the life of Kim K portrayed on one side of the stage, and the Marriage of Figaro on the other. Yasmin Mireille is sassy and cheeky as Kim, documenting her life with her new hubby Kris, played by the charismatic James Edge. Their relationship is told through a mixture of slick and upbeat songs, cleverly written by Leoe Mercer. Whilst this is happening on one side of the stage, just a click of the remote away, we see the Count and Countess Almaviva back in revolutionary France, portraying their relationship in operatic fashion. Music beautifully sung by the graceful Emily Burnett, alongside the comical and enthusiastic Nathan Bellis.

The relationship of both couples mirror one another; that being the longing of wanting to leave their current husbands, ultimately revealing that only a long dress and make up separate the lives of the Countess and Kim K. Stephen and Amelia's lives are entwined with the two parallel worlds, and so their relationship is tested as they realise their differences by their taste in genres.

The orchestra were faultless, and an absolute credit to the show- particularly the pianist, I admired him playing in his bare feet! If there was one critique, it would be that the singing was at times hard to hear- perhaps the microphones were drowned out by the orchestra, which was a shame as I wanted to hear the witty lyrics!

Stephen and Leoe have created an innovative piece of art that marries the reality television of today with the traditions of life in the past. The musical successfully brings back the beauty and magic that is opera, uncovering that life then was as much as a soap opera of today! This play is the future, and I would encourage anyone who loves Kim K, the opera, or something fun and different, to go and witness this hidden gem.

Reviewer: Parissa Zamanpour

Reviewed: 3rd July 2017

North West End Rating: ★★★★★