Wednesday 10th October may seem like any other day to some people but it is actually World Mental Health Day. So, it is quite fitting that Grin Theatre Company have decided that this is the day to present ‘Men Don’t Talk’ at 81 Renshaw Street in Liverpool and what a great turn out for them as tonight it was a full house.

It was great to hear that Grin Theatre Company, which are a LGBT+ theatre company based in Liverpool had teamed up with James Place who are a non-clinical suicide prevention service for tonight’s performance - it is amazing that there are services like James Place in the UK to help and I’m glad that Grin has decided to dedicate some of tonight’s profits to James Place as I personally commend the work they do - if you can please check out their website for more information.

Men Don’t Talk is based around 6 monologues focusing on the stigmas and impacts mental health has on men. It included some well written monologues with a range of hard hitting themes including; the effects of social media, sexuality, medical services for mental health, masculinity stigmas and PTSD. If there’s a word that described each monologue that was presented tonight at Men Don’t Talk it would be ‘thought-provoking’. I commend each and every writer tonight for producing some beautifully written pieces of theatre that did not hold back on announcing the issues of today in men’s mental health. I can say with confidence that Grin Theatre tonight chose 4 talented actors - each of them should be proud for their commitment to characterisation, realism and vocal play.

Although each one of them delivered performances they should be proud of I must commend one in particular. (Apologies, I missed their name). Tonight’s stand out performance came from the role of Phillip - a man who was portraying the story of a HIV Positive character. The actors portray was a striking performance with a beautiful vulnerability shown throughout. But, once again congratulations to all a strong group of actors.

It’s refreshing to see pieces of theatre that choose hard hitting themes and companies that don’t shy away from grabbing today’s issues and display them for all to see - especially if they’re to educate and help. So, Grin Theatre Company...congratulations on Men Don’t Talk it provoked my thoughts, and remember please talk about your feelings because THERE ARE services and people out there who CARE and CAN HELP.

Reviewer: Daniel Cox

Reviewed: 10th October 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★★