Described as a production for young folk and their families, Roald Dahl’s George’s Marvellous Medicine, adapted by David Wood and it really was exactly what it says on the tin. A piece of theatre perfect for children’s first experience of live performance.

I might be one of the only humans on the plant who has not ever actually seen Hairspray. I know the iconic ‘You Can’t Stop The Beat’ song, and that it’s about a curvy girl called Tracy who wants to be on TV but that is it. However I knew it was one not to be missed, so I thought I’d give it a watch and boy, was I blown away!

The challenge of a play that is so well known and loved, and that has been so successfully filmed, is what can you do with it? Daniel Taylor returns to his roots with Trisha Duffy’s adaptation re-staging the play in 19th Century Liverpool with the warring Montague and Capulet families cast across the then very real sectarian divide that saw Liverpool known as the Belfast of England given the regular outbreaks of violence between two communities – the perfect place for a pair of star-cross’d lovers to meet.

I don’t think I have ever felt as emotionally moved in any theatre as I was this evening during the opening night of ‘The Last Ship’ - the debut musical from former frontman of The Police; Sting, currently at the Liverpool Playhouse this week as part of its U.K. Tour.

If you think the Brexit phenomena is a recent thing then think again as thanks to Crazy Horse Productions, under the direction of Michael Wolf, we are taken back to 300 and something AD when things were starting to go wrong for our Roman cousins as their European empire began to crumble around them.

This Northern Broadsides’ adaptation of Charles Dickens Hard Times has been travelling throughout the UK and opened at the Playhouse Theatre Liverpool this evening. It has been adapted by Deborah McAndrew who has created an exciting and witty piece of theatre from Dickens original text.

Lovehistory return to St George’s hall to present a new case of Trial By Jury for audiences to solve. This immersive theatre production allows the audience to become a part of the action and gives them power to decide the fate of those who are on trial.

Are you sitting comfortably? Well, that’s all about to change. In a world where Disney has commandeered and sanitised so many stories, this return to the heart of Hans Christian Anderson’s tales rediscovers the courage of true story telling, brought fabulously to life in Emma Rice’s production.

Wicked is currently on a UK tour, traveling all over the country until January 2019. Wicked opened in the West End in 2006 and has ran ever since. It’s in its 12th year in London and has become the 15th longest running West End show with no signs of stopping anytime soon! So there certainly is a lot of hype that surrounds and follows the show where ever it goes. Is the hype justified? The short answer is yes!

An evening at Liverpool's Everyman theatre, with the start of the resident 'rep' company's season. Performing Lerner and Loewe's Musical Paint Your Wagon.

In a town with hundreds of men but only one woman, the story revolves around Ben Rumson, a miner and his daughter. With a strong cast of fourteen we see lots of multi rolling and a very professional polished production.