Presented by Script Club and Boundless Theatre and with success at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe, ‘Drip’ is a one man musical that was the idea of Tom Wells and Matthew Robins. It was originally developed with young people in Hull for the Hull City of culture, supported by Hull City Council.

A dictionary definition of satire is 'the use of humour, irony, exaggeration or ridicule to expose and criticise people's stupidity or vices', and it is a form of comedy that has been holding an unflattering mirror up to the rich and powerful since the time of the Ancient Greeks. This rich tradition has always been particularly prevalent in England with Shakespeare, Swift and Dickens mocking contemporary mores through the novel and play, whilst the Hogarth, Gilray, Cruikshank and Tenniel caricatured them in cartoon form.

There’s nothing more exhilarating than the live music experience - the energy and excitement of hearing your favourite band live is a high which is hard to beat.

Sometimes it’s not always possible to hear your favourite band or artist and that’s where ‘The Classic Rock Show’ at The Lowry comes into its own.

Celebrating unique and innovating theatre is Michael Sabbaton’s and Harrogate’s theatres intriguingly titled ‘The Turk,’ a one man show depicting a dying man last moments on a ship. Set in 1838, he is accompanies with a mechanical machine that can play chess. A machine similar to this did actually exist and served to fool quite a few people back in the day.

Graham Fellows has had a long and varied career. As a teenager, while at drama school in Manchester, he became a one hit wonder as Jilted John with the eponymous punk song reaching number four in the pop charts. Various acting roles followed including a two month stint on Coronation Street and other small roles in shows.

Parallel Lines was the third album by New York supergroup, Blondie. It was hugely successful, critically acclaimed and cemented them as an international act. It is 40 years old, but still repeatedly appears on lists of the top albums of all time and has sold over 20 million copies worldwide. Tonight’s show celebrates all that and more.

It’s not often you go to the theatre having no idea what you’re going to see. With Showstopper, the only guarantee you have is that it will be a musical. The subject and songs have not yet even been thought of...never mind rehearsed.

‘The Band’ is a musical written by Tim Firth with the music of Take That.  Tim Firth also wrote ‘Calendar Girls’ for which Gary Barlow of Take That wrote the music and lyrics.

The story is not, as you may think, about Take That.  In fact, the band in ‘The Band’ are not the stars of the show particularly and are almost incidental (apart from the singing, of course).

The advertising for The Betting Shop says it 'comes hot from the kitchen sink” of Writer/Director Stevie Helps and kitchen sink comedy drama is the best way to describe this play produced by No Egos Theatre Productions. The twenty strong company is a mix of experienced and novice actors, a fact which unfortunately shows although there are a few decent performances by both young and older cast members among the general average.

Eric and English an institution as drinking tea and complaining about the weather.   It is a fine testament to these two giants of British comedy that even though it is almost four decades since they last performed together, people want to relive their hilarious sketches and jokes (“fancy a cup of tea, Ern?”)

Dr Dolittle is a well loved children's story and musical, the story by Hugh Lofting and the 1967 movie starring Rex Harrison. Tonight it's brought to life at the Lowry in Saford with a modern slant by director Christopher Renshaw. Will it dazzle will it excel? Will it please?