Initially greeted by an irate and extremely hostile reception as we queued outside the theatre, soon turned in to a sense of relief as we realised that the man demanding we ‘got in single file’ was actually Christopher Saint who played the Headmaster, Mr Silsen in the production.

Written and Directed by Michelle Victoria Riley and supported by ALRA (Academy of Live and Recorded Arts) with the assistance of generous crowd funder sponsors this production was quite simply charming.

When going to the theatre, I’ve always loved seeing a farce comedy more than anything else; I like a good drama as much as the next person but I find that farce comedy works best in a theatre and I’m always looking for my next fix.

I witnessed everything I could have wished for and more out of a farce comedy at The Lowry with the touring production of ‘The Comedy About A Bank Robbery’.

Tonight I watched the one act play Citadel at The Kings Arms in Salford. The stage was set as William’s flat, inviting the audience into his world and his experiences. It contained a sofa, and coat rack, and specially William’s chair.

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant is tonight's 'Stigma,' a play or series of play and sketches lampooning mental health from people who have genuinely suffered. Lampooning to throw away negative and unfortunate stereotypes, these performers don't want to invite pity. Not at all. In fact, they wish to blow away the cobwebs of long held stereotypes and let the audience laugh and have some assumptions challenged.

Vertigo Theatre Productions first brought their play about a significant period in both the film and porn industry to the stage in 2014. It had a revamp and was produced again in 2016. Now with a few more tweaks and bigger staging, it's back on stage in Salford prior to going on tour next year.

The play tells the story of Harry Reems. A struggling actor, he starts doing stag films to make extra cash which leads to him playing the role of the doctor opposite Linda Lovelace’s lead, in the adult movie Deep Throat. The film was released in 1972, in the post hippy, sexual revolution era. But while the public was ready for the film, the authorities were not.

Comedian; Dave Gorman has once again packed his projector, loaded up the PowerPoint and is on tour around the country kicking the new tour off at the Lowry tonight in Salford.

The theatre production of Early Doors is a timeless piece; for those aged by time. A seamless transition from sitcom to stage allowed for the show’s trademark humour to live on but for younger audiences some jokes felt dated.

Circa Tsuica bring Now or Never to Salford this week pitching their big top on the Plaza outside the Lowry and from the moment you walk into the tent it is clear you are part of the show from the very start.

The sixties in Liverpool must go down as one of the biggest decades for music in the city; with hundreds of up and coming acts performing across the city; Merseypop was big business with the biggest band in the world; The Beatles performing at the Cavern Club. At that iconic venue, they were introduced to a young Cilla Black, known then as Cilla White, who went on to be one of the most well-known singers and performers to come out of Liverpool.

Dusty Springfield is somewhat of an icon, not only one of the most successful female pop singers of all time, but Dusty also had a more than turbulent life which is often overlooked, that is until now with the arrival of the new ‘Dusty’ musical by Jonathan Harvey.

Love From A Stranger is an intriguing play set in the late fifties. Director Lucy Bailey has updated the play to this era, but comments in the programme that it could easily have been updated to the present day due to its relevant themes and timeless storyline. I would agree with this as the complexities of human nature and actions are something that can always be seen throughout time.