Alan Bennett’s 2009 play about, amongst other things, W.H. Auden and Benjamin Britten is revived in this new touring production with Matthew Kelly and David Yelland in the principal roles. By turns coarse, moving, hilarious and profound, this play demonstrates yet again how Bennett manages to make enduring art out of the most unlikely materials.

With not exactly the kind of name you’d associate with comedy, Slaughterhouse Live are a Manchester based, four-man comedy cabaret team made up of Steve Royle (of Phoenix Nights and Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere to name a few), Gary Morris, Martin Pemberton and Andrew Willson.

Led by a brilliant dissection of the “girl brain”, Fluent in English is an observational feminist flurry about the mad traditions and customs we have allowed to dominate the traditional hetero wedding. Presenting her own brand of straight-talking feminism by an “elder Millennial”, Iliza Shlesinger’s style is refreshing and direct. From her bleating flock-followers on a hen night to the bizarreness of wearing a veil, no ancient stone of sexism is left unturned.

Buglight Theatre was established as a means to showcase work that connects to today’s social and political issues, and to encourage artists to create their own work: this ethos is fully encompassed by their production of ‘Me, Mum & the Patriarchy’. Written and performed by Buglight Theatre founder Keeley Lane, this play is a one woman show exploring the paradox of choice through a feminist semi-autobiographical performance.

Told by an Idiot and Birmingham Repertory bring this eye-catchingly named play to the Lowry in Salford as part of their UK Tour or should I say trip?

Opening nights are generally a bit of a special night and tonight’s opening night was no different... With a blue carpet and sunflowers dotted everywhere, the mood was most definitely set beautifully... We were met by a lovely gentleman who talked us through our evening and wished us a pleasant one. Whilst waiting for the doors to open, we were treated to some lovely music by the Glossop WI League of Ladies choir who sang some wonderful covers including Hallelujah and Fields of Gold. We managed to speak to some of the ladies in the interval and remarked as to just how uplifting it was – very different but really set the tone...

If you are expecting the normal Sherlock Holmes and Watson scenario then you are in for a surprise! Dr John Watson is now Dr Jane Watson and the normally austere Sherlock Holmes is played with his tongue very firmly in his cheek. This farce was originally created in 2017 by Northern Rep and proved so successful that they have returned with this new production.

A Red Ladder and West Yorkshire Playhouse production, Anders Lustgarden condenses his recent stage play based on the novel by David Peace, into a wholly engaging 65 minutes.

You don’t need to know about football to like this play; it is a wonderful glimpse from director Rod Dixon into the world of a man whose talent was stolen from him and how he sought to bring it out in others to redeem himself.

There are actual physiological differences in adolescent brains that means that the way they experience and process the world is different than an adult brain, in the way they behave, make decisions and solve problems. However, adolescents are not necessarily given credit for these biological differences. Scarabeus Aerial Theatre have researched with Neuroscience in Psychiatry Network (NSPN) to bring to life the latest developments in the teenage brain. Flawlessly combining aerial art, acting, dancing, music and projections, ‘Depths of My Mind’ is a truly multi-sensory experience.

The phrase ‘national Treasure’ could not be more fitting for a person than it is for Joanna Lumley; her 54 years in the entertainment industry has captivated the hearts of the nation with iconic roles in films and tv alike, with her most memorable role being ‘Patsy’ in the long running comedy; Absolutely Fabulous.