On a cold March evening in Adlington we arrived at the Community Centre to see St Paul’s Players present ‘Legally Blonde The Musical’ - produced and co-directed by mother and daughter Liz and Lilly Blundell. The atmosphere was very much community spirited with numerous proud friends and family in the auditorium.

The staging was remarkable with the use of projected imagery on a large screen at the back of the stage, Books as props for the girls to seamlessly keep appearing from behind and several moveable sets for each scene. The music was supplied by a live band which played magnificently throughout the evening. The Costumes design by Jane Harrison and Michelle Crispin was magnificent adding to the amazing experience of this stunning musical. The Choreography was second to none and kept the audience captivated by their moves.

Beth Eccleshare (an extremely talented and beautiful young lady with a figure to die for) played Elle Woods a fashion merchandising major, who begins the show as an air-headed blonde living off daddy in sun soaked Malibu. She is the epitome of the stereotype, and this serves her well until her boyfriend Warner played by Jamie Taylor breaks up with her in order to free himself to find someone more “serious” when he goes up to Harvard Law School. Elle is devastated as she isn’t a ‘Jacque and not serious’ so in order to win her beau back she decides to attend Harvard herself to demonstrate to him that she is more than her stereotype.

After gaining a 175 score in her L Sat’s and a personal reference from Oprah Winfrey she gets her entrance in to Harvard Law School after singing and dancing her way through her personal essay.

So, clutching her little Chihuahua Bruiser played by Fifi and 18 month old cutie, she enters Harvard law school, where she is initially mocked for her pink outfits and ditzy style.

But she faces an uphill struggle once at the school with a scary law professor Callaghan played by Jamie Flavell and her beloved Warner who has bagged himself a straight-laced girlfriend Vivien played by Victoria Armstrong (a very talented actress and singer).

The sub-plot, in which Elle comes to the aid of a lovelorn manicurist Paulette played by Jane Catterall (who has amazing stage presence and talent) is heart-warming and funny as they gain Rufus back played by Winston (a very excitable French Bulldog). Paulette’s rendition of Ireland and Bend and Snap was comical and perfectly delivered.

Elle after reading a book or two, she's accepted as an intern by a top lawyer who's defending a fitness guru Brook Windom played by Emily Burnside (who could sing and skip at the same time -now that’s a talent) in a murder trial.

Even the silliness of the courtroom scene is enhanced by having the sexual preferences of the defendant's pool guy turned into a great number with everyone inquiring: "Is he gay or European?"

And finally of course there is a love plot Emmett played by Christian Brabin (a stunning leading man with the vocals of any west end actor) portrayed a corduroy-clad law school tutor assistant spruced up by the blonde but far-from-ditzy Elle, finally gets the gal – the chemistry between these two was believable and electric.

The show was fantastic with bundles of energy and enthusiasm well done to all involved as this much fun shouldn’t be legal.

The standout performer of the night was most definitely Beth Eccleshare this lady could be on any Broadway or London’s West End stage as she has fantastic acting ability and perfect vocal for any leading lady out there – she is definitely one to watch in the future.

Reviewer: Katie Leicester

Reviewed: 7th March 2016