The Bev Jones Music Company brings together Yorkshire's most talented actors, singers and dancers to present the premier of Bev Jones' musical “Penny Millionaire”, Joseph Rowntree Theatre, 18th-23rd January 2016. Tickets available at the York Theatre Royal.

Written and composed by Yorks' very own Musical Doyen, Bev Jones, this new musical is a lasting legacy to his inspirational musical genius. Penny Millionaire's story is based on the tragic tale of Paul Gauguin, the French Impressionist painter, who started out as a rich successful stockbroker, who wanted nothing more than to paint despite his wife's objections. Set in France and the South Sea the musical is unashamedly traditional, featuring glorious melodies and harmonies, drama, passion, tragedy, frivolity and love.

 Penny Millionaire began life as a joint venture between Bev Jones and Stephen Ward in 1976. Later Bev Jones completely re-wrote the musical with new arrangements, new songs and a new script with modern theatrical twists, whilst recovering from a stroke that he completed in 2012.

Staged as a legacy for Bev Jones, producer and composer's wife, Lesley Jones wants The Rowntree Theatre show to appeal to all ages and be a great theatre evening for the whole family. The production will be a "not for profit" production. All remaining income will be donated to the Alzheimer's Society to help people with Alzheimer and dementia.

For more information please contact, Lesley Jones at 07764770339 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

About Bev Jones Music Company

The Bev Jones Music Company is formed as a legacy to the prolific music impresario and great musical theatre composer, Bev Jones LRAM ARCO ARAM MMUS - a professional in every sense. The company, all of whom have a true affinity to the values he adhered to, seek to continue his work providing professional standards both on and off stage. The company aims to provide a variety of music concerts and productions.