Shakespeare's Sonnets are given a dramatic makeover by Israel's Thespis Theatre Troupe at Whitefield Garrick 10th – 11th July 2019, as part of Greater Manchester Fringe.

Shakespeare's Sonnets, a tower of lyrical excellence, cover such universal themes as procreation and conception, passage of time and mortality, jealousy and love, beauty and erotica.

Shakespeare's Sonnets: Poetry-Theatre on Love and Creation – is a unique theatrical work of Shakespeare's lyrical creation of the sonnets adapted for stage. It is not an ordinary poetry reading event! The songs are transformed into dramatic pieces; the stage interpretation of main themes creates a new sort of theatrical language.

Poems and songs are works of art created for reading or singing and were definitely not written for a stage performance.

Tough having their beauty and magic and characterized by structures, verses and rhymes – they lack the essential ingredients of characters, plots, narratives and conflicts that every play has. In the case of Shakespeare this differentiation is even emphasized since the great artist is known by his influence on both mediums.

Thespis Theatre Troupe was founded in 2015 by Meir Ben Simon; troupe members are professional actors and actresses, graduated from different acting schools in Israel and by that represent varied methods of theatre education.

The main goal of the troupe is to act and create in artistic collaboration where all members can re-examine the medium of theatre and challenge it based on their personal and authentic skills.

This is achieved by a synergistic and continual process of exploring the means of expression, body and sound while dealing with dramatic texts from the classical canon as well as non-dramatic texts.

The troupe works within The Association for the Advancement of Theatre Culture in Israel – a formal non-profitable organization.

Director Meir Ben Simon studied directing and drama education in "Seminar-Hakibbutzim" College and Arts of Theatre (M.A) in Tel-Aviv University (both graduated Cum Laude); Shakespeare courses in RADA (London).

Shakespeare's Sonnets, Wednesday 10th July at 6pm and 8pm, Thursday 11th July at 7pm, £15, at The Garrick, Bank Street, Whitefield, M45 7JF.