After a successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe last summer Sorcha McCaffrey's new play Ladybones examines OCD, sexuality and lonelines.

It's a personal piece for Sorcha as her performance is driven by her own experiences of living with OCD.

“I wrote Ladybones to show that people are more than just their condition and to dispel the common myths about OCD - it’s often trivialised and misunderstood when it’s a terribly debilitating condition,”says Sorcha.

Ladybones is about a young woman working on an archaeological dig who discovers the bones of a girl buried hundreds of years ago and, using her own experiences, starts to put life into the girl’s remains.

Using humour and acute observations, Ladybones shines a light on comparisons of past and present, and offers an understanding what it is to be ‘other’.

Sorcha was diagosed aged 20 getting help from OCD-UK, a national charity that supports those living with the condition. The charity has now partnered with Sorcha to help reach more people with OCD.

“I have been raising awareness of OCD for many years - what Sorcha achieves with Ladybones is to reach audiences that we couldn’t, and she does it with great humour, energy, and passion,” says Ashley Fullwood, CEO of OCD-UK.

The hour-long play explores themes of mental health and recovery, family, sexuality, and loneliness.”

“I want those affected by OCD to know that recovery is possible,” concludes Sorcha. “And I want people who come to see the show to have a laugh, be moved, and leave with a bit more hope than when they arrived.”

Ladybones is at Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle from Wednesday 18th to Friday 21st February at 7.30pm.Tickets are on sale now at


Ladybones 2020 Tour:


Alphabetti Theatre, Newcastle

Tuesday 18th – Friday 21st February @ 7.30pm

Oldham Coliseum

Thursday 14th May @ 7.30pm

Square Chapel Arts Centre, Halifax

Friday 15th May @ 8pm

Slung Low, Leeds

Sunday 7th June @ 5pm