Unity Theatre announce new podcast ‘A Kick up the Arts’, unpacking the big talking points from the arts and culture sector that nobody on Twitter is afraid to debate…

The Unity Theatre, Liverpool release a new podcast for the arts and culture sector – A Kick Up The Arts. Hosted by playwright, producer and musician Saphena Aziz, this new podcast aims to unpack some of the big talking points setting the arts alight, with special guests discussing the topics nobody on Twitter is afraid to debate.

Episode one, was released for World Theatre Day on Friday 27th March, explores the word ‘regional’ and asks if it doing more harm than good? Using regional categories at award ceremonies and articles discussing ‘regional survival’ as a jumping off point, the inaugural episode features Liverpool based playwright Luke Barnes (The Jumper Factory, Young Vic; All We Ever Wanted Was Everything, The Bush Theatre & Middle Child) and freelancer journalist Catherine Jones (The Stage, Former Arts Editor Liverpool Echo) who openly debate the idea that ‘you have to make it in London to make it’.

Created as part of their 40th year celebrations, Unity hope this podcast acts as an honest and open forum for debate within the sector, led from a city and venue renowned for such forms of creative conversation.

The podcast will be available to stream monthly on Spotify, Anchor and the Unity Theatre website. The podcasts will also be available as transcripts and large-print editions on the theatre’s website for those unable to access audio.

To listen to or read episode one, recorded prior to the developments of COVID-19, please see here:


Future episodes scheduled for release include:

Episode 2: Sport on Stage

Following a recent article on the BBC claiming ‘football chat’ in the workplace should be curtailed, this episode explores a rising trend that sees theatre facing sport chat head on, as two seemingly opposite forms of culture collide.

Episode 3: Dirty Money

With the National Theatre and RSC ending their partnerships with Shell and BP respectively, this week’s episode looks at the ethics of fundraising in the arts at a time where funding from other places is more important than ever.

Episode 4: The Class Ceiling

From representation of working class performers on stage to the CEO’s that run venues, from access to training to the importance of accent representation in mainstream media, episode four looks at all things class and asks how we build a genuinely working class audience for theatre without relying on stereotypical show content.