Presented by Out of Nowhere, The Oddity bases in two elements and time periods of a young woman's disillusioned, confused and imaginative mind. Performed in a wonderful black box theatre giving an emotional, heart wrenching and intimate experience. Masterfully wrote by Rose van Leyenhorst and inspired by Homer's Odyssey - it's self-described as "lost between ancient fiction and modern reality".

From the offset, it’s clear the stage and a staging in particular has been well thought out and discussed in tremendous detail- wonderful to see for a relatively small production. Mostly down to the work of Meriel Pym, Owen Rafferty and Chris Hill. The Set itself, combines a mixture of a bad 70's wallpaper, Greek columns, and stone floors covered with cream carpet and an assortment of jumbled furniture.

The production, was a risky and brave one, a storyline that can be easily confused and not particularly many moments of break from the drama and action. Thankfully it worked well. Alice Proctor is phenomenal, she played Tilly in which we are visiting her mind, her characterization came through clearly and you invested time and belief in the person she created. The separation between the two stages of her characters life also was wonderful. Oliver Devoti (aka king of accents) was another strong performance. Playing the most characters in the show and interchanging with the smallest details down to a jacket. Excelling in the few comedic moments of the show and bringing a lightened character. Maria Major played the mother of Tilly, a worn down but inspiration character she played her with warmth and integrity. Also taking the battle of playing many character in a short distance.

It's brave take on a risky subject payed off greatly and valiantly. A contemporary piece produced that will inspire, warm and shock those lucky enough to see it. Go to find out more. Or follow them of Facebook (odditytheplay) or Twitter (@oddityplay)

Reviewer: Brad Wilson

Reviewed: 1st June 2016

North West End Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…