'Organised Chaos Productions' hit the North West this summer with their new intriguing play written by Clem Haren with a maturity and style of writing well beyond his years.

The play is very original and it's refreshing to see new actors and creative team forge their careers in the theatre industry that shows off their untouched talent. Tartan Knight portrays the role of 'Charlie' with a unique approach that clearly shows the audience the vulnerable and caring side of his character, as he falls into a relationship with 'Emma' who is portrayed by Francesca Heraghty-Smith. The story is told backwards and in an unusual order which in my opinion is a clever way of exploring the themes in this piece of theatre further.

Emma is a very mysterious character and a big follower of fate so we can never truly get to grips with the secrets behind her past and the previous other crossings she may have had in life. I think these actor's as a pairing worked hard to significantly make us understand there switch in character as towards the end of the play they effectively swap roles and personalities. Therefore Charlie becomes everything Emma was at the beginning, this is a clever twist as we realise Emma's unrealistic opinion of fate has indeed come from Charlie. Their use of facial expressions, posture and levels on the stage changed throughout to clearly present their relationship and feelings towards each other.

Mark Croasdale who directed the play was clearly ambitious in his direction which certainly paid of; directing a play that starts at the end and finishes at the beginning must have been a brain teaser. To achieve a result that is so remarkable to the audience's eye deserves a big credit. This play is definitely a stepping stone for everyone involved to move on to bigger projects that will hopefully continue to develop these artists.

This production is a must see for anyone with many great moments you will never forget. It's also a celebration of the power of youth and a generation that will not disappoint in the future, with such passion and creative energy I do hope your path crosses this unique play this summer.

Reviewer: Jamie Greenwood

Reviewed: 17th June 2015