After a long career of providing family entertainment across the boards and on television the Chuckle Brothers certainly didn't disappoint in this tour of 'Chuckles of Oz'. The atmosphere within the auditorium was electric as the famous double act captured the audience the second they stepped on stage.

The story followed the classic 'Wizard of Oz' where we was first greeted by 'Glinda' (the good witch). I felt this was a very clever storyline for Paul and Barry to pursue which would cater for all audiences. Glinda, portrayed by Beth Stoddart completely gripped our attention the minute she stepped on stage. Her interaction with the younger audiences was faultless and she certainly made them feel welcome. As well as younger children I believe the Chuckle Brothers certainly catered for my generation who was watching less than ten years ago. They've moved with the ties while adding modern humour for their past audiences.

While following the classic characters from the Wizard of Oz we were introduced to the scarecrow portrayed by Reece Sibbald who really brought comedy timing and enunciation to the role that was nothing more than justice way beyond his years. His perfected character really stood out amongst the cast and for Reece I believe this is the start of big things, if you're looking for natural (although Pantomime) entertainment then Reece is s performer to look out for.

Throughout the show we witnessed classic Chuckle Brother moments which really tied the show together, I don't think there was a single audience member that didn't join in with 'to me, to you. There quick wit and improvisation went down a storm and although at times we knew moments had gone unplanned they still carried them of and laughed along with the audience, we really were given everything we wanted from these unique performers.

I think the link with the Chuckle Brothers and the theme of the story was slightly lacking and it became apparent that the production of the show was separate although this didn't stop an original telling of The Wizard of Oz being told. The Wicked Witch of the West played by Carmen Vass certainly pulled off our villain of the play but with a versatile input to her singing and voice that only this actress can pull off, at the end of Act one in the Witch's castle her song about revenge was flawless and really professional outside the genre of Pantomime and yet so captivating to children with their genuine hatred for this character.

Behind the scenes was very cleverly constructed, the executive producer Michael Harrison really designed the show to take us on a real journey with our idols. The lighting was magical and I can imagine hard work with the improvisation actor's gave. The sound was very in tune with the show and although catered for younger children, it's definitely a treat for the family. If you are ready for a magical journey with the Chuckle Brothers this is the show for you. Who knows? You may even find out who the Wizard really is!

Reviewer: Jamie Greenwood

Reviewed: 21st June 2015