Presented by The Eggs Collective, Late Night Love is a play that shines the light on real love, relationships and awesome power ballads! The Eggs Collective are a very creative trio of actresses who use music and real life stories to entertain audiences. The creativity and imagination of these extremely talented seems boundless and the interpretation of these real life stories and how they are associated with the performance is a joy.

Surprisingly, the performance begins outside of the space itself. There was a keyboard and a microphone set in the seating area of the bar. The three actresses (Sara Cocker, Lowri Evans and Leonie Higgins) came out in boiler suites and greeted audience members. They performed a song which included people's stories of love and was rather reminiscent of the late great Victoria Wood. Using jokey puns and innuendos, it was a nice introduction into the main theatre piece itself.

Entering the space at The Continental Preston, tables filled with champagne glasses and streamers were set with seats around them in a cabaret style. This obviously made for an extremely intimate production. There were lighting boxes that filled the room and faded in and out with the music- a beautiful touch.

Music was a big part of this production, it could even be described as 70% a listening party with strangers at what feels like 2am at a family wedding. All songs were great power ballads and really made you look on your own life and applied it to the lyrics. It can however become awkward when you're listening to the whole of a wonderful Celine Dion song. It does get to a point where you are waiting for action to happen or waiting for a song to be over. Parts of the show that weren't song were incredibly imaginative and funny, it was ultimately entertaining with the many characters we were introduced to- including Richard Gere, Celine Dion's Boyfriend and a confident guy who draws an audience member with a chocolate fudge from a Milk Tray. All these moments were highly amusing and I would have liked to see more of this 'sketches' which was just emphasised by the music.

Overall, the trio of women are seriously talented and deserve all the praise they receive for this creative, uplifting and love filled show.

Reviewer: Brad Wilson

Reviewed: 27th April 2016

Photo: Lee Baxter