Feld Entertainment is presenting Disney on Ice Silver Anniversary Celebration at arenas across the country. This year’s production is extra special as the producers are celebrating 25 years of bringing Disney on Ice to European audiences. Highlights from four popular Disney classics, The Lion King, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid and Frozen, are featured in the programme.

A packed audience waits in anticipation for the show to start with many children being dressed in their favourite Disney characters and from the waving of luminous coloured glow sticks. The first act introduces Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and their friends. A colourful glittering entourage skates in synchronisation to It’s a Small World which sets the tone for their round-the-world adventure.

The spirit of Africa comes alive with a visit to the African Savannah and Hakuma Matata. The Lion King characters appear on ice including Simba, Rafiki, Timon and Pumbaa. Unsure about the colour chosen for Simba and Nala’s costumes however the pair’s skating is admired in Can You Feel The Love Tonight when they declare their love for one another. The shared tale concludes with a collective skate to Circle of Life.

Next stop on Mickey and his friends’ round-the-world adventure is about never growing up in Neverland via Darling House in London. The tale of Peter Pan comes alive with sparkly Tinkerbell and the flying Peter Pan.   Silhouette lighting and shadows of Peter Pan and children ‘flying’ across the rink is cleverly done. They have to encounter the scheming Captain Hook and the audience participates with Peter Pan to rescue both Tinkerbell and Wendy from the clutches of the pirate.   The props work well with the story including the life size pirate boat and an enormous inflatable crocodile.

Act two begins with a cruise on the open sea including a trip Under the Sea for some bubbly tales from The Little Mermaid which are narrated by Sebastian, the crayfish, and Ariel, the mermaid.   Dark, flash and bright lighting and soundscapes are appropriately chosen for Ursula, the sea witch, when she ensnares Ariel to meet Prince Eric.

An invitation as honoured guests for Elsa’s Coronation leads Mickey Mouse and company to Arendelle. Frozen, an award winning animated film, is a big hit in the audience with For the First Time in Forever, Love is an Open Doorand Let it Go being unsurprisingly sang by many children (and adults) in the audience.   The characters from Frozen are introduced including Olaf, the snowman. Snow from above is used as a special effect for the wintery adventure Anna and Elsa takes in pursuing their quest for true sisterly love.

A reprise of Let it Go is skated by all the tales’ characters in the Finale. Disney on Ice Silver Anniversary Celebration is a colourful and breathtaking ice show featuring characters from four popular Disney classics. The production is performed by talented skates with imaginative planning and choreography from the creative team. Certainly a family show that immensely appeals to younger and older ones alike.

Reviewed: 4th May 2016

Reviewed: Dawn Smallwood