Atomos is described as "Wayne McGregory’s beautiful and mysterious exploration of atoms and form". From the start of the physical theatre piece you are transported through synthesisers and sharp and bright lights to a world of creativity and self-expression.

10 dancers build the collective of the piece, each having an individual and unique style of movement and emotion. The memorable moments stemmed from the synchronised dancing for me. There was something marvellous when, in mixture with the technology, the dancers would move together and keep a steady concentration. All of the company were fully entranced in the music itself it seemed, bringing an astounding feeling towards the audience that this was not just a dance piece. The performance was so much more than physical theatre but incredibly difficult to categorize, the best interpretation can be stated as an art form or performance art.

With the combination of all its components and the unique details, it is better suited for a smaller venue with more of a modern and contemporary art crowd.
Especially, the genre of physical theatre is not something the general audience is comfortable with, but many do miss out on some incredible pieces if only they would try. A performance such as this should not have empty seats, to convey anything through dance is immensely difficult but this production somehow rises. You leave feeling exuberated and filled with thoughts on technology, relationships and unity.

What really sets the production apart is the 3D Screen aspect in the middle part of the show. You are handed 3D glasses while you make your way to your seats, at a moment in the performance 6 screens lower down to be seen by the audience. The screens then show images of many different designs and art pieces, with some seeming to have an optical illusion style. This adds another dimension to the show and certainly is something that isn’t commonly heard about in a theatre.

Overall, the show (which may not have received the audience it deserves) certainly entranced the audience did have. The dancers are so much more than dancers, they are talented and fascinating athletes that deserve all the praise they receive. A true force of nature and a production that will leave you breathless.

Reviewer: Brad Wilson

Reviewed: 11th May 2016