Ballet Theatre UK presents a wonderful and magical ballet for all the family! Pinocchio is the enchanting and timeless tale of a wooden boy who gets the joy of turning into a real boy. It follows the young and easily influenced boy through the rights and wrongs of life. From the good moments of friendship, to being tricked by people you once trusted. This is a perfect calming and entertaining show filled with funny and beautiful moments alike- perfect for ages from 1 to 100!

As the opening begins, there seems to display or celebration of some kind. The three ballet dancers in purple were magnificent and there form and professionalism was the best throughout the performance. Especially the middle of the 3, who I can praise to her beautiful lines and sheer love for the art and performance.

Continuing to the story, Gepetto decides to make a wooden boy after losing his long life love.
The blue fairy, who was graceful and enriching, made the wooden boy come life. Suddenly the 3 were skipping and dancing around the room in joy! Pinocchio then get the faithful help of Jiminy Cricket who was energetic and humorous whilst making his entrance especially. Throughout the show, the ensemble excelled brilliantly. In specific, within the Carnival scene making a fun and exciting atmosphere and also displaying excellent acting skills. The orange fox in the show was an obvious audience favourite, with witty looks and facial expressions in addition to wonderful dancing – a brilliant performance.

The costumes were brilliantly thought out and conveyed the many characters very well. Some would glitter and sparkle which made the children in the audience especially happy! Wonderful music filled the space generously and gave us an instant peak into the world of the show, paired alongside the basic but effective set. Overall, a traditional and classic tale that will entertain and bring joy to audiences of all ages and backgrounds alike.

Reviewer: Brad Wilson

Reviewed: 18th May 2016