Mark Watson’s I’m Not Here is currently touring the UK with a massive 80 dates across countless cities. It has been over six years since he last appeared in Preston and he is quick to make relatable jokes to the audience about why he’s stayed away from the city.

The audience quickly warm to Mark’s friendly persona and his easy and relaxed interaction with his fans. He has no issue remarking on the empty seats and commenting on how one day he dreams of filling out a venue.

Then quickly going on to pulling up members of the audience who have mentioned him on twitter. Humorously recounting their twitter profiles and embarrassing them with past tweets, sometimes from many years ago. 

Mark’s honest humour was incredibly refreshing and his quick observations were spot on. He intelligently responded to heckles in between his attempt to tell the main story and had the audience rolling with laughter. His seemingly random thought process was hilarious to witness and he even admitted to having great topical material - if you can wait 2-3 years. 

A wonderfully entertaining part of the show was when Mark referenced the various items on the stage such as flowers, knickers and confetti bombs. All of which he had brought for audience members to take should the need for a forced encore arise. This was an incredibly creative thing to do as many audience members raced for the items when the interval took place. The second half then commenced and we finally heard the conclusion to his Australian flight story. Closely followed by the hugely anticipated finale and encore which did not disappoint. 

Overall Mark’s constant jokes and down to earth humour was a joy to witness. However the highlight of the show was his unique comedy style which thoroughly involved the audience in a very relaxed manner. You genuinely felt like you were merely in the presence of good friends having a great time rather than watching a performance. The I’m Not Here tour is highly recommended to all looking for a great night out with guaranteed big belly laughs.

Reviewer: Ellie Close

Reviewed: 15th April 2016