Steve Steinman is back with a new show and it doesn't feature the usual vampires we have become accustomed to at one of his stage shows, the new show however entitled 'Iconic' is a sort of greatest hits from the silver screen featuring iconic movie themes and songs, hence the name 'iconic'.

The Question is can a stage show featuring a mash up of cinema greats really live up to Steinman's previous productions.

I witnessed the show at Buxton's Opera House which is the perfect theatre for a show entitled iconic and it was only fitting that the opening song was 'Science Fiction' from the cult Rocky Horror Show complete with Cinema Usher outfits and confectionery tray similar to what was on offer at Buxton; I thought it was a great start to the show, but what is the show?

Is it a musical, a live concert or film clips?

After the Rocky Horror number, the show continues with a self indulgent introduction to Steve Steinman as James Bond opening into the classic Paul McCartney and the Wings hit 'Live and Let Die', this performance is full of energy complete with fire, smoke and scantily clad dancers, it was an extremely entertaining introduction to a selection of James Bond classics including 'Goldeneye' and the recent Spectre's 'Writings on the Wall' performed by Steve's right hand man; John Evans.

After The James Bond section, the show darts from one movie track to another, the vocals are on the most part very good; in fact it must be said that Steve Steinman as a vocalist is something hard to beat, the live band is fantastic and the stage is spectacular for a small touring production but the same cannot be said for the plot.

They shoehorn a feeble plot into what is really just a jukebox of cinema classics, the plot of what the audience can make out is a woman being signed up to work in a cinema, not edge of the seat stuff I'm sure you can agree but there's nothing wrong with a jukebox performance; I feel that this show is trying to be something it's not unnecessarily.

What is good to see, is that Steinman's wit is still in great form with him cracking off some cheeky one liners and punning with movie quotes throughout the show, the dialogue with all the James Bond film titles was particularly entertaining with the audience getting involved too.

The supporting cast are a credit to this production, special mention should go to the leading lady; Penny Jones who performs with such energy and vigour on stage; I want whatever she's having. Now I've started quoting film quotes, it's infectious. This show is a strange one, it has some big draws but also some big flaws.

In the second half; they ditch the attempted plot and run through a superheroes segment which looks like it's come right out of the pantomime a few months late and a western theme and then a Top Gun theme; see what I mean about bouncing all over the place.

But the singing is good, the songs are good; it has all the makings to be a really great show, they just need to ditch the so called plot, the dancing was out of sync on a number of times too but I put that down to the show being only the 5th of the run and I'm sure that will improve as the show goes on, and I think that's the case with this show; it's going to get a lot better further down the line, and I'm still waiting for the promised aerial acrobatics that we're promised.

Saying that, it was still enjoyable, the audience seemed to really enjoy it with everyone dancing to that well known movie theme; Bat out of Hell, well it wasn't in any movie but as Steinman does such a great rendition of it, I'll let him off.

Verdict: There's Fire, sparks and great singers but no real plot! Stick with it though.


Reviewer: Max Eden

Reviewed: 1st April 2017

North West End Rating: ★★★