What do you owe? Who do you owe it to? Those are the very questions you are asked when checking in at 53Two for Jubilee Debtors Club starring Paris based theatre maker, performer, voiceover actress and drama arts educator, Elizabeth Wautlet.

As you walk into the auditorium Liza is stood waiting and welcomes you with a friendly smile as you take your seats. Liza (Wautlet) is our leader for the night, she is there to help you share your fears and talk about the debt you are in. Sadly tonight numbers are low for this 9:30pm show but that does not deter our host.

This is a refreshing one woman show with many props and great effects as we go on a journey of self-help seminars and wacky last-ditch solutions in an effort to get out of the red. There is even a video presentation about a raspberry tart to enjoy! The silhouette sequences were extremely well done.

As the evening progresses it becomes clear that debt is more than just cash, and in fact we all owe somebody something. Wautlet’s performance ensures you hang on to every word she speaks during this hour. The fact that we as an audience are so close helps her engage with the audience and see the whites of their eyes.

Fringe theatre can, and should be challenging, sending you home to get lost in your thoughts relating what you have just seen to your day to day life.

The Jubilee Debtors Club meets for one last time tonight, 6th July at 53Two beginning at 9:30pm. www.greatermanchesterfringe.co.uk

Reviewer: Paul Downham

Reviewed: 5th June 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★