‘The Egoist’ is a compelling story that documents the life of two strangers that cross paths in a local café; Jake (John Tueart) and Paige (Sophie Giddens).What begins from an enquiry to the Wi-Fi password develops into a conversation about childhood films, family, jobs, and of course- Game of Thrones!

Their new found relationship is confided with Jake’s mother, Maggie (Wendy Patterson), recently widowed, and a devoted mother to her son. Maggie is overjoyed with her son’s happiness, after recently losing his father, and a failed long term relationship.

The new pair sizzle and ooze with chemistry, sparking energy left, right and centre; seemingly destined to be with each other. All seems well until Paige confesses a traumatic event in her past; a past that prevents her from moving forward. As this story is brought to light, Jake unearths that his history is more deep-rooted and entwined with Paige’s than he thought. After consoling with his mother about his discovery, Jake learns that there are more pieces of his past that have been kept hidden from his mother. Determined to seek closure, Jake picks at the wounds of the past, and enters into a world of devastation.

The play explores great themes such as love, heartbreak, and masculinity, expressed throughout in thought provoking scenes. I commend Tueart for his writing, as the dialogue flowed effortlessly, and the story was gripping right till the end.

The performances of all the actors were outstanding. I couldn’t single out, or find fault with anyone- every note had struck a chord, and echoed throughout the play. It is clear that a lot of hard work and care had gone into creating these characters, and I applaud each actor for making these characters real. True, raw, and heart-felt emotions were expressed exquisitely, conveying the relationships of not only Jake and Paige, but of the relationships between their parents. The play questions and analyses how the choices one makes impacts not only oneself, but the people one loves.

A captivating, authentic story that makes you believe that despite the shadows of the past, love is all that matters- “how good can life be, unless you share it with someone you love”.

Reviewer: Parissa Zamanpour

Reviewed: 11th July 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★★★