Tinderella is a panto. Based on the classic panto, but for adults. If you’re easily offended by reviews that contain a description of a sexual nature, look away now.

This is a sort of Cinderella meets seafaring gents (you get the idea?) and a sort of Buttons meets bodily fluids. You’ll get just about every innuendo and double entendre and more in this little fun gem from David Jeffrey, Louise Gregson and Paul Arends (Woolton Drama Group)

The story follows Tinderella (Jazz Jago) as she struggles to meet her ideal mate. She describes him in detail, every other descriptive word is “Rich!” She meets (via Tinder) a Z list celeb, Spencer Matthews (Johnny Andrew) who turns out to be a bit of a plonker (I think they use other words for him) With the “help” of her ugly sisters; two stunning creatures played with so much enthusiasm, physical accuracy and a little too much comfort by Chris Hogan and Paul Arends, you could be forgiven for thinking that these guys are actually ladies. Also ably assisted by the very funny and watchable Narrator (Meta Wright) who delivered some “delicate” poetry throughout the play describing Tinder’s struggle for love. Worth noting that Ms Wright is a competent “drunk” Getting gradually more intoxicated on stage is a good acting skill to have under the belt (or tutu in this case)

There were several other characters who added colour to this very enjoyable Panto party. From Dad, who “father Jacked” his way through the proceedings to the wicked stepmother/DSS agent (Zoran Blackie) who quite literally startled me as he brought his cross between Sideshow Bob and Stephen Merchant on to the stage. The audience lapped up the mix of laughs, music, jokes and slapstick.

Enter Grindr (David Jeffery) I have to say that I did not expect to laugh out loud. I’m not a fan of pantos. Never liked them as a kid and never took my kids to one, but this actor may change my mind. Maybe not for the mainstream stuff, but I’ll certainly keep an eye out for an off the wall offering like this one.

A special note for the writers, who put together a neat bunch of gags. There were some great looking improv pieces (Panto staple diet) which may or may not have been written in, but if they were, the flow was seamless.

As they say, Fringe with M**** (You work it out)

Reviewer: Robert Steele

Reviewed: 13th June 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★★