The Silence Between Us is a musical about love, war and separation. Told through the eyes of Arthur and Mary. Arthur is called away to war in 1939 and Mary is left at home tending to baby James and working in an artillery factory. The pressure is on; for Arthur, as he has to deal with the horrors of the battlefield and for Mary, as she struggles to manage home and work life.

Firstly, I have to say that the writers, cast, backstage staff, songwriters and band have done a great job. Everyone has worked extremely hard to put on a show, which is sensitive and thought-provoking, whilst maintaining the element of story-telling and a very enjoyable musical show. It was a good decision to split the stage between war scene and home scene. This allowed for a heart rending duet between Arthur and Mary as they sang to each other and asked if they were seeing the same stars.

Secondly, this is a show that has been put on by graduating LIPA students. This, for me, makes the theatre experience even more enjoyable. I had 3 stars lined up (if compared to other “high profile” shows) but this deserves 4 stars because of the efforts, skills and teamwork which was evident on stage tonight by these young performers.

Thirdly, a special mention for actors Aaron Bladen, as Arthur, who has a definite future as a musical performer; Mica Young as the feisty Rose, who’s comic timing provided the biggest laughs and who’s character strength, along with Mary (Elissa Cooper) and John (Daniel Henry) delivered most of the message that the play was trying (and succeeded) to get across.

Finally, a special mention for the music. Peter King as M.D and his assistant, Daniel Greenwood (both very accomplished musicians in the band) along with lyricist Holly Campbell, have provided a set of lyrics and music that would fit very neatly in any London Theatre. STARS and LEFT BEHIND are beautiful songs and deserve to be listened to.

…and finally, finally, great work from the stage crew for creating a very clever double-sided presentation (WW2 Stage R and Home Stage L, which helped create a very poignant atmosphere

Two pieces of advice I can offer here:

1. To the public… Go and see this musical. You will not be disappointed, you will be seeing very good young, local, emerging performers doing what they love and doing it well and you will be supporting the future of our local theatre and entertainment.

2. To the writer and Director (Luke Montague) Get this musical back on in November. Then sell it to the schools and colleges for their drama departments to perform. It deserves to be seen by more people and your very important message needs to heard and learnt… Lest we forget.


Reviewer: Robert Steele

Reviewed: 19th July 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★★