No Kids is a show created by theatre company Ad Infinitum, which is made up of real life gay couple Nir Paldi and George Mann. The show documents some of their decision making process on whether to have children or not and if so, how they should have them.

Paldi and Mann perform the 70 minute show and they are both brilliant entertainers. They characterise their huge variety of roles brilliantly, they show off their great dance skills as well as some great singing ability. These two performers are true triple threats, also boasting wonderful comic timing. Their chemistry really shows on stage and not only does the show give insight into the difficult decisions around children that a gay couple may have to make but it shows the difficulties that can arise when a couple work together.

Anna Orton’s set design is simple but works wonderfully creating a huge array of locations. Matt Leventhall’s lighting design adds to this and works brilliantly for the show. Chris Bartholomew’s original composition for the show is great fun and the incorporation of well-known Madonna hits adds to the entertainment factor of this show.

My only real criticism of the show is due to the vast number of roles the two performers play, at times it got confusing who was meant to be who so I don’t think the show would have harmed from a couple of extra performers.

This show is a real eye opening piece of theatre and I would definitely recommend it. There are some great techniques used in the piece that drama students could definitely steal and it’s just a great, and nice and short, night out at the theatre!

Reviewer: Jacob Bush

Reviewed: 24th January 2019

North West End Rating: ★★★★