Last night the audience at the Royal Court were taken on an adventure to the Scouse Pacific.

The Royal Court Theatre says that, Scouse Pacific was first produced in 2010, this was the comedy that started the Royal Court style Christmas shows. Packed with catchy songs and cracking one-liners it takes a look at the other side of our family tree, and shows you what happens when you let a randy Scouser loose on a sun drenched island full of lonely women.

The show had catchy songs and one liners to match. It was full of Liverpool humour referencing Liverpool’s locations such lobster pot. When watching this show it felt as if Pantomime season was here, with cast members breaking the forth wall and speaking to the band with impeccable comedy timing. You couldn’t help but love this show as it was rare that myself and indeed the almost sold out crowd were not laughing. Although there is some risky language and euphemisms. They didn’t go out there way to be offensive. It was all done in good taste.

Cast members include Jake Abraham, Jamie Clarke, Stephen Fletcher, Guy Freeman, Lindzi Germain, Abigail Middleton, Mia Molloy and Michael Starke

I cannot recommend this show enough and I am already booking tickets to see it again. I urge yourselves to see it to.

Reviewer: Luke Stephenson

Reviewed: 17th July 2019

North West End Rating: ★★★★★