Have you ever wondered what it is like to be addicted; to give in to your desires no matter where or when? Oli Forsyth’s quirky and interesting play, Such Filthy F*cks gives an insightful and compelling understanding of online porn addiction from the viewpoint of two central characters Jules (Luke Murphy) and Luka (Alice McCarthy).

A well thought out storyline, Forsyth’s narrative is born from real-life interviews about our online porn habits; and takes the audience on a journey through the very real difficulties faced by Jules and Luka as they navigate addiction and try to cope with endless challenges faced by those who can’t make it through the day without watching porn. Jules and Luka are thrown together on a chance workplace encounter, and the story develops to show how difficult it can be for those with addictions to be together; to love, and to live.

The online porn is a multi-billion-pound industry and having access at home; in work, or even on the tube can significantly alter the course of someone’s life. Murphy and McCarthy confidently flip between their multiple characters to demonstrate to the audience the power of co-dependency and the reality of the impact modern mobile technology has in society. They are both very likeable and strong performers, who seem to have a natural chemistry together on the stage. Addiction is a very personal; emotive topic and both handle this with the care and attention required whilst also expertly handling the various comedy elements thrown into the script. Supported by an impactful Sound Design from Ben White and quirky projection-based Video Design from Bruno Collins, the performers bring the play to its conclusion leaving the audience understanding the final message that you must take every day focusing only what is in front of you, and that the rest is simply not important.

This is an impactful and reflective piece that I am certain resonated with many in the audience and left some evaluating the impact of online porn on their own lives. After all, we are all Such Filthy f*cks!!

Such Filthy F*cks is currently presented by Smoke and Oakum Theatre as part of the Vault Festival 2019.

Reviewer: Alan Stuart Malin

Reviewed: 14th March 2019    

North West End Rating: ★★★★