“Jeremy Corbyn will marry me”- Jess Green

A series of compelling poems, the BBC Slam Champion brings her tour to the Camden People’s Theatre for just two performances. Labour activist and campaigner, Jess Green, doesn’t just confess her love for Jeremy Corbyn, but shares poetry of her personal experiences and attitudes towards divisions and issues in our country.

Throughout the evening, we hear a range of poems broken up by Green’s tales from her past and her experiences in the party. Not only do these stories keep us engaged, but enable a deeper familiarity from her pieces, intensifying their impact. The performance tells of the divisions and disasters of politics, her childhood and her admiration of Mr Corbyn.

During the set, we are forced to recognise to the harsh realities of the real human problems happing all over the UK, with Green blaming this chaos not only on the governments, but ignorance. Holding the stage on her own, this talented poet is able to generate an electrifyingly angry atmosphere with the natural crescendo of her delivery.

Green has an incredible skill in delivering poetry. We are reassured by her informal presence on stage yet forced to think about her words that often seem to hit you like a tonne of red bricks. Although some lines don’t seem to land with quite the shock they need, the activist’s words are delivered with a rousing conviction.

Despite few moments of the performance poetry getting lost on the lonely stage around her, Green is an artist of moving activism that is enjoyable whilst awakening to experience. Her poems are ingeniously written, rich with reality and punchily delivered with incredible gusto. https://goo.gl/owgVxx 

Reviewer: Jessica Battison

Reviewed: 30th March 2019

North West End Rating: ★★★★