‘Girl World is a self-sufficient gynecol sisterhood’, states Inga

As part of Calm Down Dear, a three-week festival of innovative and feminist performance, Girl World took over Camden People’s Theatre. Created by Frisky Theatre Company, the production explored the familiar journey to womanhood.

Written by Camille Dawson, Girl World follows best friends Tilly (Dawson) and Inga (Serena Ramsey) in their dream playground where there is only one rule: ‘No boys allowed!’. Featuring live music, poppy songs and crazy games, this imaginary world is one that pours out noughties childhood nostalgia. However, Tilly soon starts to wonder ahead, outside of their whacky world causing a bonkers battleground testing friendship against change.

Almost like stepping into a lucid dream, this production was the very definition of eccentric. Dawson’s ingenious writing celebrates stereotypical girliness yet has a brutally honest approach to the crude and complex world of femininity. Her performance as Tilly was touching and tickling, her connection to the character is clearly of depth and she is a wonderous comedienne. Ramsey is utterly brilliant as a very energetic, kooky and bizarre tween. She embodies Inga to a hilarious point of physicality and has no barrier to completely letting loose on stage.

This feminist production was not a tired feminist bashing but simply a celebration of female friendship with innuendos, silliness and a journey to womanhood that told its story in a comically clever way.

‘Girl World is a pre-pubescent dreamworld of denial’, sighs Tilly

Reviewer: Jessica Battison

Reviewed: 2nd June 2019

North West End Rating: ★★★★