Written by Dan Daniel, this original production is an intimate portrayal of two characters told through their interwoven monologues, that give us the male perspective on two very different relationship dilemmas: marriage and divorce.

Aiden (Caolán Dundon) is a young, jobbing Actor who met his Argentinian fiancé whilst on holiday in Greece. He is trying to navigate the UK immigration system to bring her over to London, but is feeling the pressure of paperwork, invasion of privacy and layers of bureaucracy. Aiden wants to get married. Imran (Alyaz Ahmed) is a middle-aged call centre Manager; he’s been married twenty years and has recently discovered that his wife has cheated. Imran wants a divorce.

Both actors provide the audience with opposing, but strong and emotive performances throughout, bringing a fresh viewpoint on the choices presented to men in relationships and their struggles with making the right decisions. The men are different in age, culture and ethnicity but have intertwining stories that confront the truth that there are many external influences that can change the course of love. Ultimately the men must decide… Is marriage worth it?

Daniel’s script is both funny and nurturing. Both characters feel very natural and honest, both are presented with a vulnerability that makes the audience warm to them immediately. Daniel’s stage direction in what can only be described a “limited” performance space, lends itself well to the intimacy of the story telling, at times it feels that the characters are speaking directly to you. The simple set design from Irene Delfanti makes great use of the available space and makes sure the focus always remains on the characters.

This is a very simple production, but incredibly powerful. A showcase of individual talents and a piece that connects the audience through its transparency. The thought-provoking content and a tear-jerking cliff-hanger at the end certainly leave the audience reflecting on life and love.

The Knot is highly recommended and continues its run at The Old Red Lion Theatre until 6th July 2019. For further information or to book visit the theatre’s website here. https://www.oldredliontheatre.co.uk/theatre.html

Reviewer: Alan Stuart Malin

Reviewed: 20th June 2019    

North West End Rating: ★★★★