Sheffield based company 'Footprint Theatre' present a short 50-minute piece about the conviction of Daniel, an 18 year old, who is sentenced and imprisoned for the possession of indecent images of children. It explores the stories of his family and friends who are all dealing with the trauma and aftermath. It tells a story of how the characters endeavour to work out who the person is that they thought they knew. By trying to ask difficult and often uncomfortable questions, they hope to find some, or any, answers.


This immersive play is performed by 4 young actors, who mingle and share the same space as the audience adds a strangely gritty sense of shared intimacy, and a feeling of forbearing unanimity.

We hear their perplexing personal stories of denial, guilt, humiliation, fear and emotional turmoil. The dialogue between the characters, as well as the individual monologues, feels very natural, spontaneous and grounded in truth. Some of the pre-recorded telephone conversations from Daniel's friends ascend the continued struggles, emotional conflict and destructive fallout concerning this unspeakable crime.

The cast are uniformly excellent and develop real fleshed-out characters who reveal their intimate thoughts about how lives and loyalties are shattered; memories changed and destroyed forever.

Uncomfortable in places to watch and hear, yet delivered more ethical questions than your average play.

A must see. It’s darkly emotionally, yet ultimately rewarding.


Reviewer: Mike Neary

Reviewed: 22nd March 2017

North West End Rating: ★★★★