A very niche genre of comedy, Pamela de Menthes Sticky Digits was presented in the form of a seminar for adults who aspire to write their own erotic fiction. With a hilarious yet incredibly patronising approach to sharing her top tips for success, Pamela de Menthes character is (performed by Jenny May Morgan) is totally believable as an erotic novelist, in her one woman show.

By way of introduction, Pamela de Menthe provides the audience with a hilarious glimpse of how she started off in the world of erotica. She talks of her own life at home and how an erotic novel is really all she and Keith have together, especially since Raul Fernandez moved in with them. She states that Raul is a particular support to Keith, albeit when they are together ‘for hours in the box room’. It was statements like this that drew the audience in to consider the sub story of Pamela’s life, one that perhaps she was not aware of.

The backdrop to the seminar was by way of a power point that was so cringe worthy, in not only the power point itself but also in her delivery of it. It would make David Brent look almost professional. Pamela de Menthe was a force to be reckoned with in the world of erotic fiction- or at least that is what she intended you to believe.

Asking for questions from the audience she created a question (that wasn’t asked) and read an extract from her book. From this moment on she literally became the character in the book and acted each part to the max. This then proceeded to be the main bulk of the performance.

Boundless energy, facial expressions, many a raised eyebrow and a literal ‘tongue in cheek’ she cleverly entertained the audience. It was clear, part way through the story telling, that the extract from the book and her personal life were actually one. There was nothing fictitious about this book. She was likely describing her own love life. She was crude, bizarre (the novel included a nuclear power plant setting) and astonishingly maintained her sensuality throughout the whole performance. The creative, total body performance was not only intense and full of energy it was simply hilarious. Using a vast number of synonyms for both male and female parts the performance had the audience crying with laughter.

Particularly amusing were the Twitter questions (‘# askpamela’). Answering questions from Twitter accounts such as JK Rowling, EL James and even Danielle Steele added another dimension to the success of the personality that was Pamela de Menthe. This created another hilarious layer to the performance and certainly kept the audience attentive at Pamela’s every word.

The success of this show is really down to Morgan’s delivery of the character. It never faulted and she was so committed to the role that even at the end of her performance, when she shook hands with the audience, she remained patronising, sensual and cringe worthy. Quite an art. The show has no interval and was over within an hour- I would suggest that there is much more material to create a longer performance that would continue to hold the audience’s attention. I certainly could have watched a lot more.

Pamela De Menthes Sticky Digits performance is for you if you want a good belly laugh, are open minded, and in no way apprehensive about the hysterical side of a sexual encounter through suggestive story telling. There is of course no need to create your own piece of erotic piece of fiction!

Reviewer: Angela Kelly

Reviewed: 24th July 2019

North West End Rating: ★★★★