Entering the Stockport Plaza tonight; I am transported back to an age in music which is iconic, full of famous songs and has a great feel good vibe. I'm of course talking about Motown and the 'Magic of Motown' crammed full of the labels best hits.

As the curtain went up, we were immediately transported to the party fun with hits 'Papa Was A Rolling Stone' and ‘Ain't No Mountain' which were performed with real excitement.

Motown acts were renowned for their outfits nearly as much as their catchy hook songs and tonight there was several costume changes with the outfits getting better and better. One of the group; Leanne performed 'Chain Reaction' in a beautiful head to toe red sparkly frock; much to the joy of the audience who sung it with her word for word.

The stage is rather basic, with a poster behind the performers; but this isn't really about the stage, it's about the performers, the talent and most importantly; the songs.

Hit after hit preceded each other and the Stockport crowd were loving every minute with many people dancing in the aisles. This is very much a party show and any Motown fan will not be disappointed, you might not get an arena style production, but what you do get is very talented performers singing very good songs, a lot of effort goes into the show with each song getting its owns prevail dance routine and choreography, it's a joy to watch.

Andre was an excellent leader of the gang and got the audience participating throughout the performance, be it clapping, singing or dancing.

Magic of Motown is most definitely a live show, all the music is played live and so is all the singing, this was especially evident during an scup els section which really demonstrated their talent, especially CJ who delivered soulful renditions of some classics, there was a large Jackson Five section of the show complete with bright outfits and big hair and the audience loved every minute.

With Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie hits thrown in for good measure, there's not really any reason someone wouldn't enjoy this show. This is a must for any Motown fan and a fantastic night out, partying all night long!

Reviewer: Maxwell Eden

Reviewed: 12th May 2016