The dawn of the digital era may mean that hardbacks are no longer flying off the shelves in the number they used. However, the birth of technologies such as the Kindle means that it is now easier than ever before to publish your own novels. Something which Pamela DeMenthe has taken advantage of.

While the show is primarily as sales aid to promote DeMenthe’s novel ‘Sticky Digits’, it is presented as a seminar in which the audience are there to learn how to write their own erotic novel. DeMenthe is also on hand to read excerpts from her book, in which somehow the sex life of her protagonist becomes blurred with her own.

During the ‘seminar’ DeMenthe takes us through a PowerPoint which is filled with innuendo, sexually suggestive graphs and tweets from a host of famous faces including JK Rowling and Theresa May.

There is a bit of audience participation in this show and by the end of the show each audience member has written their erotic story. Some of which are a tad more believable than others.

Erotic fiction is well-known for taking everyday situations and items and turning them into something sexual. Sticky Digits is no exception to this formula and shows how wild DeMenthe’s imagination runs. However, what is most remarkable about this show is how committed she is to the character she has created.

The only slight critique I would have of the show is that the readings from the book did go on a tad too long and you could see that some of the audience were losing interest. But all in all, Sticky Digits comes recommended.

Reviewer: Brian Madden

Reviewed: 21st April 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★★