Thrusting on to the stage of The Epstein Theatre, Liverpool for one night only, fresh from their London West End Show, The UK's world famous Dreamboys certainly brought the weekend in with a bang tonight.

With a show like this, I wasn't quite sure what to expect apart from the obvious "male strippers" which is self explanatory for the most part, but it was so much more than you bargain for. Jam packed from start to finish, the 2 hour show contained popular music from modern day to club classics and slow jams. The atmosphere was electric before anyone even touched the stage.

The choreography was fresh, slick and appealed to a range of different styles from lyrical, contemporary, commercial and even break dancing throughout the different sections. There was never a dull moment and the boys switched up the themes and settings whilst remaining consistent.

Having their costumes match the style in which they were dancing in was particularly interesting to watch, as they portrayed the image of a Swat Team to star, following on with a 50 shades of grey style twist with full tailored suits in the middle and an Ed Sheeran - I See Fire lyrical piece with actual fire included into their routine, it showed they really thought about their work and didn't just rely on "getting naked" to impress the audience. Not only did they have ensemble routines with all the boys together, but they also had solo and duo pieces in between in which they didn't shy away from getting the audience involved. It was a variation of getting woman (and in one case a man) up on stage to perform their one on one routines on, and them bursting out into the seating areas to get up close and personal with several at a time it was a constant excitement for the crowd and left you begging for more. What I found interesting was how the audience thrived off seeing other people getting taken on stage, it was such a supportive crowd and dare I say it, it made the experience even more enjoyable that the females could get up and not feel embarrassed about being on show like this.

The boys seemed really lovely and appreciative of the fans, making sure to hug and kiss them after taking part in joining them on stage, so much so that they also offered a meet and greet opportunity after the show, for those that bought the official Dreamboys calendar on sale at the venue.

I urge everyone (providing they are of age) to go and experience a night like this, as there really is something for everyone, from groups of friends, to hen parties to a birthday night out, it will give you an experience you won't forget in a hurry. The Dreamboys will be back for a brand new tour in November, with new music, new routines and 10x the naughtiness, tickets are available now on the official Dreamboys website.

Reviewed on: 11th March 2016

Reviewed by: Amanda Woods