As part of LIPA’s Futureproof festival at the Unity Theatre, new theatre company Shifting Sirens have put on ‘tw*ts’, a new play written by Rebecca Ozer. The show explores various big issues that women struggle with in the world we live in and it does so brilliantly. Ozer’s writing is very natural and realistic, although the f-word does seem quite overused.

The play is performed by Rebecca Ozer, Sophie Koumides and Natasha Hale and all three give fantastic performances. The trio have a fantastic rapport and their real life friendship definitely comes across through their performances. Hale’s character Norah gets lots of the more intense moments of the play and she plays these brilliantly and Koumides as Georgia moves between the comedic and the emotionally charged flawlessly. All three give brilliantly well-rounded performances of characters that you feel like you could genuinely meet in real life.

The show’s set is very simple but works well and a great amount of thought and detail had gone into many of the props in the show. The team had selected well known songs that really fit the production perfectly and not only reflected the tastes and personalities of the characters but progressed the story and the characters’ journeys. The movement sequences, choreographed by Sophie Koumides, reflected the characters very well although I wasn’t entirely sure how much they were needed as they seemed to interrupt the storytelling slightly.

This is a fantastic original piece of theatre and I am very much looking forward to seeing where it goes in the coming years. If the play or the company comes anywhere near you in the future, definitely pay them a visit.

Reviewer: Jacob Bush

Reviewed: 17th May 2019

North West End Rating: ★★★★