Tonight, I watched Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Plaza in Stockport. I was amazed by the talent of all the cast members of such a colourful and vibrant production, at the end of the performance I was on my feet dancing with other audience members.

The staging was typical of this specific musical, this including stairs where the choir of children sat. Each of the children looked as though they were enjoying themselves throughout the performance, smiling as they were singing.

The narrator, (Lucy Kay) tells the story throughout the musical of eleven brothers who are jealous of one of their other brothers Joseph, who interprets dreams and gets given a ‘Technicolor Dreamcoat’ by his father (Henry Metcalfe). Lucy had an incredible voice which she kept under complete control throughout the performance. The next part of the musical shows the brothers getting so annoyed with Joseph that they send him to Egypt, where he is sold to Potiphar. The brothers in this production were all individually talented, but their commitment and performance as a unit and group of brothers was very impressive, shown by many of the interesting group numbers which had quick costume changes.

Joseph, (Joe McElderry) performed the solo ‘Close Every Door’ beautifully, making the audience feel sympathy towards his character. I also thought the choice of having the lighting depict the bars of a prison cell rather than having set here was interesting, as visually it made you focus completely on the song and Joseph, rather than the set.

The next song ‘’Go, Go, Go Joseph’ saw a complete change of mood with each singing and dancer showing a sense of hope, leaving the audience feeling good going into the interval. I would also like to congratulate the two soloists in this song, as their ranging and diverse harmonies really brought the song to life.

Pharaoh, (Ben James Ellis) performed the ‘Song of The King’ very well, combining singing and dancing in an impressive Elvis Costume. The rest of the cast also performed in this song exceptionally well, dressed as cheerleaders and American football players, yet dancing in an Egyptian style.

The story is further told by the narrator (Kay) that Joseph becomes ‘Pharaoh’s number two,’ and helps Egypt through his predicted famine. We then see the brothers seeking Joseph’s help in Egypt where they do not recognise him. Joseph plants his golden cup in Joseph’s bag after agreeing to help them, this leading into the song ‘Benjamin Calypso.’ This again saw a different style of song which the cast performed with ease and enjoyment.

The show ends with the brothers reuniting happily and then Joseph with his father, who has seemingly aged. This scene was very heart-warming and lead to a reprise of ‘Any Dream Will Do.’

The performance was colourful, fun and full of energy throughout, I would highly recommend and praise the cast for such a feel good and pleasurable show.

Reviewer: Claudia Thomas

Reviewed: 23rd May 2017

North West End Rating: ★★★★★


Photo: Mark Yeoman