Not strictly theatre, but with the instrumental (pardon the pun) components of lighting sound and stage management, it might as well be classed so in such a venue as the iconic Epstein Theatre where an extremely talented group of 'four lads from Liverpool' sold out the Epstein Theatre for the EP launch of their band THE AMBITION.

A band that they, and their families, are so passionate and driven about and rightly so. Their amazing talent, that continuously get crowds everywhere going with a thrill of new music and infectious melodies, opens the door for endless opportunities and I, as are all of their fans, am extremely proud to know, follow and watch them develop and progress.

Last night’s launch of the ‘Journeys’ EP that was available to be heard on Spotify and purchased on iTunes (as well as at the gig) was so slick and professional, with some awesome support acts - who I will come on to shortly - it is easy to forget their tender ages and that they have made their success all on your own, with a little help from family and fans.

With a set consisting of ‘originals’ from that EP - Make My Day, Heartbreaker, Where We Go From Here, Next To You, Never Let you Down and Timeless Universe - the whole theatre was singing (and some even screaming) along, as they were before the Ambition’s ingenious yet mind-blowing introduction (particularly those in the gallery/circle). A good choice to break it up with a few covers of current chart hit Shut Up and Dance With Me and The Killers’ Mr Brightside.

They were ably supported by the ever-talented favourite Ellis C; Eleanor Nelly who could be likened to a young non-blonde Dolly Parton with her high-held fringe and version of a Johnny Cash hit as well as her acoustic style of covers and originals; and the Rocky group Intoxicated, all of whom were delighted to perform at such a venue and occasion in their hometown. Joined by talents all the way from Birmingham, duo Benji & Benji and rising star Just James had the crowd in the palm of their hands in readiness for the main event and headline act, that didn’t disappoint.

The only thing that could have contributed to the roof-raising buzz, if anything could, would have been a compere to help the crowd really get going and maintain the flow. I did wonder who the supports were and only discovered when I saw the flyer or talked to them.

Overall an exhilarating night at a great event and you will be a fool not to support these guys on their everlasting journey through the ranks of the industry. They deserve it and you deserve to indulge in the job they do for you as well as themselves.

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Review: Christopher Oatway

Reviewed: 24th July 2015