The 4Tunes, comprising Michael, James, Patrick and Dominic, are a talented bunch of West End singers who have joined together to bring us a musical treat of our favourite hit songs from well-loved movies and musicals. The boys have individually been involved in some renowned theatre shows such as Jersey Boys, Mamma Mia and We Will Rock You and some of the hit songs from these shows appear in their set alongside many others.

They open their set with an intense, powerful rendition of Feeling Good, immediately displaying an impressive set of pipes and beautiful ability to harmonise with ease. They completely command the stage and show that they mean business, with confidence oozing from each member of the group. The hits continue one after the other but special mention must be given to their stunning rendition of Bring Him Home, Skyfall and Bohemian Rhapsody which left many of the audience members open mouthed and in awe. Aside from the laughs and jokes that continued to flow throughout the evening, the talent that the boys exhibit on stage is undeniable. Although cheesy, it was all in good humour and it gave the show a lovely relaxed feel.

Michael, who is also referred to fondly as the ‘Daddy’ of the group, was the main compere of the evening and clearly enjoyed engaging in banter with the crowd whilst also demonstrating an impressive ability to mimic the Liverpool ‘Scouse’ accent which was taken in good fooling from the audience. The 4Tunes unique way of interacting and responding to the crowd added a spontaneous feel to the evening and made the show appear to be more personal rather than rigidly rehearsed and staged which can often result in a performance translating coldly and awkwardly to the audience. An unfortunate technical difficulty occurred when the track to You Raise Me Up faltered in the first set, however the way in which the boys impressively dealt with the mishap and improvised their way through the awkwardness was admirable and made the audience soften to them even more than before. This was resolved in the second half as promised and was worth the wait as Patrick performed a spine tingling performance that would have been a shame to miss.

What is brilliant about the group is the fact that no member dominates the other. Each is talented in their own right and has an opportunity to shine as they often change who takes lead vocals, showing real professionalism and making each song different and unpredictable. The friendship between the members is clear to see and makes the show even more special and enjoyable to watch.

The 4Tunes bring an abundance of personality and character to their show and I am certain that the boys will be welcomed back to The Epstein once again with open arms if the response from the audience is anything to go by. They deservedly have earned themselves a loyal following and I am sure this will continue to grow if they repeatedly perform shows to such a high standard. I would recommend anyone to keep their eyes peeled for the next time the boys are performing in a city nearby because attending one of their shows is a guaranteed good night out!

Reviewer: Sarah Goldsmith

Reviewed: 16th October 2016

North West End Rating: ★★★★