Benidorm the TV series started its incredible 11 year run back in 2007. It tells the stories of the different types of families and staff you’d find at a very typical Benidorm hotel. As someone who grew up going on holidays to the ‘Blackpool of Spain’ the show has a very special place in my heart. The Regent Theatre really took the theme to heart, serving cocktails and decorating the foyer with inflatable palm trees and flamingos.

Because of my love for the show I was extremely sceptical to see how they’d bring this iconic British comedy classic to the stage.

But I was extremely silly to be sceptical, as this stage production is even better than the television show, the show captures the essence of the sitcom perfectly it has the cheekiness, the humour and the heart. It really does have it all and then some. The set is creative and transports you straight to Benidorm with the bright lights and bold colours. The script for this show is second to none, it’s completely hysterical with constant jokes flowing, clever one-liners and so many twists and turns it completely keeps you on your toes. I left with my sides physically hurting from how much I laughed.

The use of songs added a new and exciting level to the show, the cheesy classics used boosted the storyline but were a stroke of comical genius. The choreography by Alan Harding was stunning and creatively added to scene changes making the show flow remarkably well. It was also lovely to see Jake Canuso dance. He was stunning, the traditional flamenco dance was extraordinary and the use of comedy in this brought by Tony Maudsley just added to the elements of surprise this show brought.

The dialogue was cheeky, chirpy and cracking. The whole audience loved it, I couldn’t believe how well this sensational sitcom transferred to stage. The live audience allowed the actors at times to break the fourth wall and interact with audience members just adding to the entire outcome of the show.

The use of new script instead of reworking one of the episodes also made it interesting as the entire audience were all engrossed in the lives of the characters we know and love and new characters that we learned to love just as much. Liam played by Adam Gillen was a firm audience favourite, he was completely adorable throughout. His underlying storyline left the audience saying ’aww’ consistently. He showed the entire audience why he was a show favourite and why he always should be. What really added to the incredible atmosphere in the room were the cheers that came every time one of the original cast came on stage. The use of the original cast added so much charm to the show, it kept the appeal of Benidorm alive. The standing ovation given at the end of the night really cemented how much people loved this show.

I dare you to go and watch this show and not leave the theatre beaming from ear to ear. Its good British comedy as it should be. Naughty but nice. Everything was left to euphemisms and character reactions. I took my grandad and he loved it just as much as I did! It's pure comedy gold with a new story being told. See it, love it and tell all your friends about it! This one’s a real winner!

Reviewer: Leanne Ashworth

Reviewed: 24th September 2018

North West End Rating: ★★★★★