How is a storyline written by Tim Firth and with the music and lyrics of the aptly named band 'Madness' going to work? Answer...very well, particularly when performed by The Centenary Theatre Company at the Brindley Theatre, Runcorn and directed by Nick Culpit. I have seen several productions from this company all of which have been presented with professionalism and obvious commitment.

Having seen Dancing Queen before I thought I knew what lay ahead..... I couldn't have been more wrong! The previous show featured a first half of, not ABBA as expected, but 60's and 70's hits with ABBA for the second half. I am now more than happy to report the show has had a complete makeover with new performers and presentation and is a completely different show and is entirely covering the 1970's Swedish group ABBA.

Attending a vampire play just a couple of days following Halloween was great timing as I was still in the spooky mood and as a lady behind me said – “will you hold my hand if it gets scary” I think we were all ‘up for’ a few thrills. Being in the small theatre at Brindley really made us feel that we were part of the play and enabled us to view the actors and even hear them breathing and as it was later – screaming in our ears.

Knapley Women’s Institute want to do something different to raise money for a new sofa in the local hospital relatives’ room. But what could they do that will drum up interest and sell? That’s right get the members to make a nude calendar.

N.J. Crisp’s most famous play, which has been produced worldwide since its original debut, is now showing at New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion during its current tour.

‘Ghost the Musical’ was released 21 years after the initial film in 1990 with Swayze, Moore and co. This time it was the turn of Knutsford Musical Theatre Company (KMTC) who were performing their version of this iconic story, originally written by Bruce Joel Rubin. KMTC intended to perform their production of Ghost the Musical with ‘an 80s twist’.

It's the classic horror trio, Dracula, Frankenstein (ok, the monster – or is it?) and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Well, quartet then, perhaps. And maybe the most memorable. Everybody understands what is meant by a 'Jekyll and Hyde' personality. So no pausing for exposition, and you're immediately drawn into this atmospheric play by the incredible sound and set design.

Following on from the success of the dazzling ‘Sister Act’ and the playful ‘9 to 5’, Pilkington Musical Theatre Company have turned back the clock to give us something more traditional this year. An old classic that is much loved by audience’s young and old, ‘Oliver!’ is brought to life once again at St Helen’s Theatre Royal by this talented musical theatre company.