Anyone who loves Julia Donaldson’s tale of Tabby McTat (and who doesn’t?) can’t help but love this dramatized musical version by Freckle Productions.

Achy Breaky Bride is a new musical telling the story of wedding dress shop owner Jolene and her struggles with her own love life whilst trying to make other people have the perfect romantic day at their wedding. The show uses pre-existing Country classics including Jolene, Crazy, Rose Garden and Achy Breaky Heart. The show is cheesy and feel good and it includes some of Liverpool’s very best talent.

Box of Tricks Theatre present Under Three Moons, is a story of friendship, exploring themes of growing up and the ties that remain after growing apart. A unique look at male relationships in the modern world, this is a refreshingly honest piece of theatre, which is astounding in its simplicity.

Liverpool’s Royal Court does a fantastic job at producing new musicals set in Liverpool and their current production of Girls Don’t Play Guitars is no exception. This is a fantastic showcase of the cast’s musical abilities and of the music of the not very well known all-girl rock’n’roll group The Liverbirds.

This is the 26th LEAP festival. Coordinated by MDI the festival brings together artists from across the UK providing a platform for them to share their passion, talent and sheer joy of performing with dance as the catalyst.

What is love? A question that is forever eternal. Great writers, poets and philosophers throughout the ages have always considered this and expressed a myriad of reasons, thoughts and beliefs on this one powerful emotion that makes us who we are. Now we have a show that shoots Cupid’s arrow into the very heart of this all-consuming question.

Knee Deep in Promises is a story of love and loss. Written by Deborah Morgan and directed by Paul Goetzee, it opens with the death of Dean’s Mum, Sadie, and his attempts to deal with it, while keeping his promise to her to give her a truly unique send off.

On a damp and increasingly chilly evening at the Gladstone Theatre we are promised “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” and by the end of tonight’s performance of Annie by Ellesmere Port Musical Theatre Company you could not help but agree with them as this beautiful musical brought smiles to each and every face in the audience.

Consent is a play by Nina Raine that tackles sexual politics in its various levels, whether that be in law or in personal relationships. The play is thought provoking, challenging to watch at times and brilliantly performed and written.

This touring production of 9 to 5 is at The Liverpool Empire from 1st- 5th October and is one not to be missed. The story is set in the 1980’s and tells of three colleagues Violet, Doralee and Judy who are fed up of their boss’s sexist ways. They decide to formulate a plan to kidnap their boss and to make him realise his egotistical ways. They hope to change the office to become a far nicer place to be, but the CEO of the company turning up is something they didn’t plan upon!

It’s easy to compare monologues with Talking Heads, but the combination of comedy and tragedy in The Coach House’s Leg Bags, along with the fully developed but unseen characters described by narrator Mrs B, makes it almost impossible not to make the comparison.