Dr Seuss well known children’s books have broken the line of somewhat dull children’s texts around at the time of writing. These vibrant books were created to inspire children’s creativity and enthuse their inspiration. The Cat in the Hat is one of these much-loved books and to see it come to life on the stage was lovely. Theatre company Curve & Rose Theatre, Kingston have brought to life the playful verse from the books transporting the audience into the world of the cheeky Cat in the Hat.

The Norman Conquests is a trilogy of plays written by Alan Ayckbourn, each depicting the same six characters over the same weekend in a different part of a house. Table Manners is set in the dining room; Round and Round the Garden in the garden; and with this production, Living Together, set in the living room. Whilst not designed to be performed simultaneously, and each play is self-contained, many of the scenes overlap and the exit of a character from one play corresponds with their entrance in another. Similarly, noise and commotion in one space can sometimes be heard or referenced by characters in another.

Burjesta brings the traditional Punch and Judy story into the here and now with this modern adaptation, written and directed by Julian Bond, as a battle plays out for the heart and soul of civilisation and the very future of mankind.

After the Royal Court’s hit Christmas production, The Scouse Cinderella, they have put their own twist on The Wizard of Oz in an equally Scouse play called Yellow Breck Road. Dot, teenaged girl with low level anxiety disorder, is set to go on a retreat with her therapy group to Ibiza until her mum accidentally books a holiday for her and her husband to go to Benidorm.

I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE IT! Yes, that’s right it is Madagascar. But, not what you’re used to - Sell A Door Family and Hartshorn-Hook Productions have decided to take on the DreamWorks Animation and turn it in to Madagascar The Musical and I had the pleasure of watching it at the Liverpool Empire. It would be silly of me not to mention that it is also my FAVOURITE animated film.

Blithe Spirit is a comic play by Noel Coward. Written in 1941, it reflects not only the fad for séances following the incredible losses of World War I but also serves to mock sudden death at the very time that bombs were bringing it to Britain at the outset of World War II. For over thirty years it was the longest running comedy in the history of British theatre.

Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II is a classical drama inspired by the reign of King Edward II and one of the first history plays ever written. Exploring themes of power and duplicity, Edward II is unique for its portrayal of homosexuality and negative responses to it in an era when homosexual acts were punishable by death.

Marilyn is a one woman show exploring the story behind the iconic Marilyn Monroe. Remembered for her glamourous on-screen persona and troubled off-screen lifestyle affected by numerous mental health issues, Marilyn is a woman everyone thinks they know and Breakthrough Theatre have promised to deliver a show uncovering the secrets behind all of her masks.

Ballet Theatre UK took over the Epstein Theatre for one night only to present their version of the classic fairytale Beauty and the Beast. There’s no talking candlestick or handsome yet nasty suitor for Beauty in this version but there are beautiful costumes, sets and music.

No Kids is a show created by theatre company Ad Infinitum, which is made up of real life gay couple Nir Paldi and George Mann. The show documents some of their decision making process on whether to have children or not and if so, how they should have them.

The Casa Theatre Liverpool has the pleasure of hosting ‘The Bench’ presented by David Armstrong Productions. The Bench is a combination of three 30-minute plays all revolving around a park bench. The Casa Bar and Venue has a busy, buzzing bar at the front, with a cosy, quaint theatre down the back that attracts a wide ranged audience. The intimate setting makes it the perfect venue for what ‘The Bench’ has to offer to a full Liverpool audience this Saturday night.