From the great minds of the researchers for the hit TV comedy panel show ‘QI’, hosted by comedian Sandi Toksvig, the popular podcast No Such Thing As A Fish was created as a way to make sure no weird and wonderful facts were going to waste if they couldn’t be included in the main show.

Beyond Belief is a show by Tmesis Theatre exploring the future of life and death in our technology and social media obsessed society. The fragility of life seems to be compromised when tech company Beyond Belief finds a way to ensure our digital souls can live forever.

Into the Light is a physical theatre piece brought to us by Hijinx Theatre and Teatro la Ribalta. This show in particular focuses on the use of light to explore the themes of acceptance, loneliness and being yourself.

The 1988 film of “Rain Man” was an Oscar-winning, box office smash. I have only ever seen it once – at the cinema – but it was very memorable, mainly down to the strong portrayals by Tom Cruise and especially Dustin Hoffman, of the Babbitt brothers, Charlie and Raymond.

A slightly unusual double bill is presented at The Lowry, Salford. The first half is a reimagined dance piece derived from the infamous Stravinsky's controversial showing in Paris 1913. And the second half, Opera North performs Puccini's Gianni Schicchi a comedy.

What is more dramatic than a thunderstorm?

Storms and tempests are frequently used in drama to signify the internal emotions of its characters. They are great for creating high drama on stage and this production by Opera North was electrifying.

Opera North delivered Mozart’s classic ‘The Magic Flute’ at the Lowry Theatre, directed by James Brining whom has put his own interpretation in to this timeless opera; making it modern, captivating and overall magnificent.

The Lowry Theatre Salford today staged In the Night Garden Live, presented by the Minor Entertainment Group. Now in its 10th year, In The Night Garden Live is still one of the UK’s favourite family events, and today’s performance cemented why. With all the ingredients of a perfect family show In The Night Garden Live burst into life from the minute you entered the auditorium and was enchanting from beginning to end.

The 'Noughts and Crosses' series of novels by Children's Laureate Malorie Blackman have been a huge hit with teen audiences throughout the world ever since their initial publication almost twenty years ago. The dystopian society that they portray is one where racial norms are subverted and the white 'Noughts' are an underclass, subject to the laws of a ruling black elite called the 'Crosses'.

Pendleton Sixth Form College continues its run of productions, the first of 2019 being ‘Animal Farm’ produced by Neil Bennett and Joseph Meighan and directed by the talented Les Williams (acting teacher). Les Williams selected Peter Hall’s 1985 adaptation of George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’ as he believed it was the closest reflection to the 1945 original novel.

You know David Tomlinson. Great British actor; star of stage and screen, he appeared in dozens of films in Britain and in Hollywood. OK, let’s be fair, despite a long and illustrious career, you probably know him solely for playing Mr Banks in Mary Poppins. Written by James Kettle after plenty of research, The Life I Lead tells Tomlinson’s life story, with Miles Jupp playing him in a one-man play, addressing the audience in the first person.