Like the elusive Godot one of the main protagonists in Charley Miles’ latest play never appears and that is right because There Are No Beginnings is about giving millions of women their voice back.

With a sassy evening of satirical splendour, Howard Ashman (Book and Lyric) and Alan Menken's (Music) dark yet comic musical Little Shop Of Horrors hit the Carriageworks, Leeds as the final leg of its tour. Co-Produced by Bite My Thumb, Gravitas Entertainment and Cutting Edge Theatre the audience are transported back to 1960's Skid Row and into the hapless interior of Mushnik Florists.

One of the most exciting things for any reviewer is to attend a new theatre for the first time. Following a £15.8m redevelopment and in its new incarnation as Leeds Playhouse, this muscular space is a powerful statement by the city of its place within our regional and national theatre scene.

“Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga!” … and with that one line you’re already singing along in your head I’m sure. This fantastic new musical takes songs you’ve known for years, it gives them a context, and it weaves them effortlessly into the life story of Gloria and Emilio Estefan. On Your Feet takes us from their Cuban roots, through tragedy, to Gloria Estefan’s eventual recognition as a true Latina diva.

Anyone who has seen men of all ages flexing their muscles into a gym mirror, or frantically rubbing products into their receding hairlines, knows that the tyranny of physical perfection is becoming gradually less gender specific.

Did you know that 70% of the world’s population does not use toilet paper? I learned this little snippet on Wednesday night, after watching Billionaire Boy at the Hull New Theatre.

There’s no doubt that the moment when Dewsbury schoolboy Musharaf Ashgar seemed to overcome his stammer on Educating Yorkshire was one of TV moments of this century.

Anger, irritation, pity, shock, fear, amusement, horror and disbelief were just some of the emotions I experienced at Hull Truck Theatre on Tuesday night, when The Beauty Queen Of Leenane hit the stage.

Fake news seems to be a new phenomenon introduced into our culture by an orange faced maniac but as Trojan Horse points out it is nothing new.

It seems almost fitting for a play to possess such inconsistency when its main subject, Idi Amin, is equally as discrepant. Fortunately, just as the play spends more time lauding the eccentric and charismatic dictator to good effect, there are more positives to take from the irregularity of this piece’s theatrical prowess.